We Are Voters First

(En Español) In the Bureau of Elections we are voters first. We cast our votes along with everyone else on election day or during early voting, and like everyone else, we expect the process to go smoothly. Moreover, we expect that our votes will count. We expect trusted results.

The struggle to expand the act of voting continues in our nation, and regardless of how much progress that has been made, there is more work to be done. We are doing the work to expand the access to vote in Doña Ana County, and when we make decisions about administering elections we are not only making decisions based on our resources in the Bureau of Elections, we are making decisions based on being a voter first.

Protecting every vote guides our decisions in administering elections, and it should be the top priority. While not perfect, in New Mexico we have laws demonstrating that we are thinking from the perspective of the voter and making each vote count. We have 28 days of early voting, no-excuse absentee voting, and on-line voter registration. These are options that many other states do not have.

In Doña Ana County there are 40 voting convenience centers open on election day and you can choose which location to vote at. This year we’ve increased the number of locations in the rural areas of the county to increase access to the polls. Likewise, we are implementing new technology aimed at improving your voting experience by reducing lines and wait times. We want everyone who shows up at the polls to easily cast their vote and, as importantly to have a good experience.

Every change we make in Doña Ana County is made because we care about your right to vote. We know that the decisions we make today have an impact into our future. We are working towards lasting results so that we can share in the success and empowerment that comes from voting.

Community Event Calendar

The County Clerk’s office has implemented a community calendar for voting and election-related events. The purpose of this calendar to give visibility to events such as voter registration sessions, candidate forums, election advisory council, and to aid publicity for such events. You can view the calendar at: https://www.donaanacounty.org/elections/events-calendar

Currently, the calendar is populated with the Bureau of Elections’ voter registration events. You are encouraged to submit events for this calendar. This can be done by sending an email to: electionoutreach@donaanacounty.org and describing the event (event name, date, time, location).