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Becoming an sponsor allows you to spotlight a cause, issue, candidate, organization, or business on a website that is read year-round by the state’s policymakers and citizens alike.

Purchasing a sponsorship gets you so much more than an advertisement. In addition to a display ad, sponsor benefits include thank-you/promotional messages sent out by’s accounts on Facebook and Twitter, a listing on our sponsor/donor page, and, most notably, a sponsored-content advertising page on the website. *

On that sponsored-content page, you control the message. Your page can include text, photos, video, charts, graphics, polls, and anything else that can be embedded on a webpage, such as a Facebook “like” box or a Twitter feed.

On top of the promotional benefits, sponsoring is a way for you to help foster local, independent journalism. is a nonpartisan news organization devoted to hard-hitting, fair exploration of politics and government that seeks to inform, engage and build community. We’re dependent on your support!

We have four-week advertising rates and discounted 12-month rates. The most affordable sponsorship that includes a display ad and sponsored-content page is $231 for four weeks or $2,500 for 12 months. The most prominent is $1,385 for four weeks or $15,000 for 12 months.

Here’s more information about four-week sponsorships:

And more about 12-month sponsorships:

Here are some examples of what sponsorship advertisements look like on’s website:

If you’re looking to support as a sponsor but not at a level that gets you a display ad and sponsored-content page, an annual contribution of between $1,000 and $2,499 gets you a listing on’s sponsor/donor page that links to your website, inclusion of your logo and a sentence/phrase about you on’s sponsor/donor page, and thank-you/promotional messages posted on’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

* Sponsored advertising content pages and other sponsor benefits will be labeled as such to make clear their messaging is the position of the sponsor, not Sponsors have no control over editorial decisions or content. Please take the time to read all our sponsorship policies.