From Heath Haussamen, NMPolitics.net’s editor and publisher:

As a journalist I have devoted much of my career to fighting government secrecy. I believe journalists should also be transparent about relationships that may affect or create the appearance of affecting their work. There are two disclosures I need to make:

  • I’m dating Sarah Silva, the executive director of N.M. Communidades en Acción y de Fé (CAFé), a community organizing group based in Las Cruces. Silva may at times be involved in issues NMPolitics.net could or should cover. I’ll handle each situation on a case-by-case basis and strive to avoid personally writing about Silva and her work when possible. Sometimes that may mean NMPolitics.net doesn’t cover an issue. Sometimes it may mean NMPolitics.net pays someone else to do it. And in rare instances I may not be able to avoid writing about or participating in a discussion on something in which she is involved. If that happens, I will again disclose the relationship as a reminder to the NMPolitics.net community.
  • State Rep. Bill McCamley has been a good friend since before I was a professional journalist. Again, I’ll handle each situation on a case-by-case basis. If I ever write about McCamley, I’ll disclose in that article that he’s my friend.

I don’t believe journalists can be entirely objective – we’re human – and objectivity shouldn’t be the goal. Instead, I believe we should strive to treat everyone fairly. NMPolitics.net aims to facilitate inclusive and bridge-building conversations. We won’t exclude Silva or McCamley from those conversations, but we’ll approach their involvement thoughtfully and openly. We will seek to include all voices in conversations, including those who are sometimes at odds with Silva and/or McCamley.

With these disclosures, I’m asking you to hold me to the standard I’ve set here – treating everyone fairly.

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