Correction to the commentary, ‘Dems finally pick fight over guns but lose sight of people’s rights’

A prior version of this commentary stated that actor Mark Ruffalo was reportedly put on a watch list in 2010 because he spoke out against natural gas drilling. That report was based on a claim the actor himself made. But Ruffalo later changed his story and said he was never on the watch list, so we’ve removed that statement from this commentary. regrets including Ruffalo’s original claim in this commentary. Continue Reading

Correction to the article, ‘Getting to know NM’s first college of osteopathic medicine’

A prior version of this article inadvertently omitted John Hummer from the list of Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine board of director members. The article has been updated to include Hummer’s name. It has also been amended to include updated numbers on for-profit osteopathic medical schools, based on information provided by the American Osteopathic Association’s Sheridan Chaney, and to include Chaney’s comments. Continue Reading

Correction to the articles, ‘Senate panel to debate competing driver’s license bills Tuesday,’ and ‘Three Senate Republicans join Dems to amend House Real ID bill’

Prior versions of both articles incorrectly stated that the proposal by Sen. Brandt would allow immigrants without legal status to obtain a temporary driver’s license that couldn’t be recognized for federal purposes. In fact, Brandt’s bill wouldn’t allow immigrants without legal status to obtain any type of driver’s license. Continue Reading