About NMPolitics.net

In these polarized times, NMPolitics.net operates from a belief that the best way forward is together – that we must do the hard work of listening and understanding each other so we can find solutions that work for as many people as possible. We aim to do journalism that fosters conversation and builds community.

Heath Haussamen

Heath Haussamen, NMPolitics.net editor and publisher

We view journalism as activism in the purest sense of the word: We should help all people become active participants in our society. NMPolitics.net is devoted to nonpartisan, hard-hitting, fair exploration of politics and government that informs and engages.

NMPolitics.net doesn’t push people to advocate for a specific position on any policy. Instead, we try to help people from across the political and ideological spectrums be involved in the debate.

Through discussions on social media, our website, and beyond, and by involving New Mexicans and others in our reporting and commentary, NMPolitics.net seeks to give all people an entry point into the conversation about our society, challenge you to be involved, and value your participation.

We question power and promote government transparency to help people have greater access to and influence over the system. We hold ourselves to the same standard by disclosing our donors and giving you a voice in our journalism.

At NMPolitics.net, we choose to believe we can change a system that is the cause of so much cynicism if we come together. We choose hope.

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NMPolitics.net is run by Heath Haussamen, an award-winning journalist based in Las Cruces. Email him or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.