The challenge of growing a business on the Navajo reservation


Starting a business is always challenging — but Native American entrepreneurs face unique challenges on tribal lands.

For the State of Change series with the Solutions Journalism Network, New Mexico In Focus producer Sarah Gustavus takes us to the Navajo Nation to learn about efforts to encourage entrepreneurship. The Native American Business Incubator Network offers training and business support to a variety of entrepreneurs. One client, North Leupp Family Farms on the western edge of the Navajo Nation, provides space for subsistence farming, and farm manager Stacey Jensen is also looking for ways to create jobs and economic opportunity through a farm market stand and value-added products like blue corn meal that can be sold directly to consumers. Watch here:

This report is part of the State of Change project, a multi-newsroom examination of the challenge of building resilient rural communities — and what some in New Mexico are doing right. Read more.

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