Help reach our 2017 fundraising goal


I set goal earlier this year of having 100 people signed up to make automatic, monthly donations to by the end of 2017.

We’ve made huge progress toward that goal. In January, 47 people were signed up to make monthly donations. That number spiked to 83 by October. The increase is making a difference. Monthly donations brought in $458 in January. In October, such donations brought in $853.

Heath Haussamen

Heath Haussamen

Now we need 17 more people to sign up to make monthly donations by Dec. 31, which will ensure a stable source of approximately $1,000 in revenue each month as we move into 2018. is working hard to bring you local and state news, in-depth reporting you won’t find anywhere else, ideologically diverse commentary, and a safe and productive space for discussion. If you’re not already a donor, I need you to join the folks who are helping fund our work. Sign up to make automatic, monthly donations today.

I believe news and information should be open and accessible regardless of ability to pay. So instead of requiring a subscription to access’s content, I ask that you give what you can afford.

One donor from Socorro gives $3 each month. Others from Las Cruces and Albuquerque each give $50 every month. Most people can afford to give something – and news organizations can’t do the work you expect from us without funding.

One-time donations, advertising revenue and payments from news organizations that republish our work also help fund – but recurring monthly donations are our most stable source of revenue, and one we need to grow.

Please, help us. You can sign up to make automatic, monthly donations – or, if you prefer, make a one-time donation – at

Thank you!

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