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Heath Haussamen

Heath Haussamen /’s Heath Haussamen hiking with his daughter.

My daughter graduated from kindergarten last week. She’s excelling at reading and writing. Swim lessons are teaching her tenacity. I love watching her grow and explore and learn! She loves life and has an optimistic outlook on the future.

I want her to have the option to realize that future in New Mexico. I want all our children to have that choice. But right now our state sends too many kids to other places with better opportunities.

Heath Haussamen

Heath Haussamen

I don’t want our children to be our greatest export. I’m dismayed by how dysfunctional our political and government systems have become. New Mexico is bleeding.

We can be better. I’m passionate about journalism’s ability to help our state confront its problems and find a better path forward. That’s what is all about. We focus much of our work on exploring how power is impacting people and how New Mexico can create a better future.

Good journalism isn’t cheap. We need your help. doesn’t charge a subscription fee. I believe you should have access to information and a community that’s working to improve New Mexico regardless of your financial situation.

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Thanks so much for pitching in! Let’s keep working to create a better future for our children.

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