2017 funding

NMPolitics.net is funded primarily through advertising sponsorships and donations from people and organizations. We value government transparency and believe we should hold ourselves to the same standard. So, in accordance with our financial contributor policy, we disclose information about all advertising sponsorships and donations.

Below is information about our 2017 funding. Thanks to all our sponsors and donors!

Advertising sponsors

Here’s a list of our 2017 advertising sponsors:

SunPower by Positive Energy Solar
($5,000.04, advertiser from Jan. 25, 2017 to Jan. 24, 2018)

N.M. Association of Commerce and Industry
($2,579.82, sponsor from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017)

Luna Embedded Consulting
($2,299.17, sponsor from Jan. 17 to Oct. 31, 2017)

Dehesa Express
($1,369.98, sponsor from Nov. 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018)

The Suazo Legal Group, PLLC
($1,171.01, sponsor from Jan. 16 to March 18, 2017)

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Steinborn & Associates Real Estate
($1,000, sponsor from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017)

Yvonne Flores Campaign
($346.25, sponsor from Nov. 1-7, 2017)

Las Cruces Press Women
($251, sponsor from March 16 to April 12, 2017)

New Mexico First
($251, sponsor from May 6 to June 2, 2017)

Mary Kay Papen
($250, sponsor from Dec. 8-12, 2017)


Here’s information about our 2017 grant funding:

Fund for Investigative Journalism
NMPolitics.net has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism to examine, in 2017, Southern New Mexico’s inadequate behavioral health system and explore solutions.


Here’s our year-to-date list of donors, which we keep updated as new donations come in:

Date of donationNameCity, stateAmount
1.1.17James HickersonCedar Crest, NM$50
1.1.17Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.1.17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
1.1.17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
1.2.17Debra DarbyAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.2.17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
1.2.17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
1.3.17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
1.3.17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.3.17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.6.17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
1.7.17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
1.8.17Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
1.8.17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
1.9.17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
1.9.17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
1.10.17Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
1.10.17Charles MacQuiggAlbuquerque, NM$25
1.10.17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$50
1.10.17John PetersonLas Cruces, NM$25
1.10.17Micaela CadenaAlbuquerque, NM$50
1.10.17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$50
1.10.17Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$20
1.10.17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$10
1.10.17Mark FleisherAlbuquerque, NM$25
1.10.17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
1.11.17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
1.12.17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
1.12.17Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$300
1.14.17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
1.15.17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
1.15.17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
1.16.17Scot KeyAlbuquerque, NM$25
1.17.17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.17.17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.18.17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
1.20.17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
1.20.17Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
1.21.17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
1.21.17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
1.21.17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
1.22.17Ray and Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
1.22.17Kenneth BaumannSanta Fe, NM$10
1.23.17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
1.23.17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
1.24.17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
1.24.17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
1.25.17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
1.25.17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
1.26.17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
1.26.17Tito MeyerLas Cruces, NM$120
1.26.17Geraldine HutchinsRio Rancho, NM$20
1.26.17Mark CoreySanta Fe, NM$20
1.27.17Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
1.27.17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
1.27.17Myles CulbertsonLas Cruces, NM$30
1.28.17Graciela UnguezLas Cruces, NM$100
1.29.17Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
1.29.17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
1.29.17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
1.29.17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
1.30.17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
1.30.17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
2.1.17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$20
2.1.17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
2.1.17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
2.1.17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
2.1.17Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
2.1.17Daniel KimLas Cruces, NM$20
2.1.17Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
2.2.17Daniela GlickWashington, D.C.$20
2.2.17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
2.2.17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
2.3.17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
2.3.17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.3.17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.6.17Rebecca LeppalaAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.6.17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
2.7.17Frances VarelaAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.7.17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
2.8.17Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
2.8.17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
2.9.17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
2.9.17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
2.9.17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
2.10.17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.10.17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.10.17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
2.10.17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
2.10.17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
2.11.17Peter St. CyrAlbuquerque, NM$26
2.12.17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
2.13.17Owen WhooleyAlbuquerque, NM$20
2.14.17Paul CulkinRio Rancho, NM$5
2.14.17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
2.15.17Deb DarbyAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.15.17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
2.15.17Carlos LopezLas Cruces, NM$10
2.15.17Susan FitzgeraldLas Cruces, NM$100
2.15.17Veronica OntiverosLas Cruces, NM$20
2.15.17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
2.15.17Deanne ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
2.16.17Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$100
2.16.17Black Sand Neuropsychological Services, IncHilo, Hawaii$100
2.16.17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$100
2.17.17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.17.17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.17.17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
2.18.17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
2.18.17Melissa CastorLas Cruces, NM$5
2.18.17Karen BoylanSanta Fe, NM$10
2.19.17Larry GioanniniLas Cruces, NM$100
2.20.17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
2.20.17Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
2.21.17John GroganRoswell, NM$25
2.21.17Kathryn SanchezLas Cruces, NM$20
2.21.17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
2.21.17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
2.21.17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
2.23.17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
2.23.17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
2.23.17Sharon SmockLas Cruces, NM$25
2.24.17Ben LewingerAlbuquerque, NM$100
2.24.17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
2.24.17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
2.24.17Arthur AlpertAlbuquerque, NM$20
2.24.17Harry TeagueHobbs, NM$1,000
2.24.17Linda McCamleyLas Cruces, NM$25
2.25.17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
2.25.17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
2.25.17Bill McCamleyLas Cruces, NM$25
2.25.17Linda LockettPlacitas, NM$110
2.26.17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
2.26.17Max MastelloneLas Cruces, NM$50
2.27.17Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
2.27.17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
2.28.17Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
2.28.17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
2.28.17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
2.28.17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
2.28.17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
2.28.17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
3.1.17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
3.1.17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
3.1.17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
3.1.17Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
3.1.17Vesta HenryGallup, NM$100
3.2.17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
3.2.17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
3.3.17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
3.3.17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.3.17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.3.17Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$200
3.4.17Allen StengerBoulder, CO$500
3.4.17Ellen Jaffe CastelloLas Cruces, NM$50
3.5.17Mimi StewartAlbuquerque, NM$100
3.5.17Joyce DavidsonWhite Rock, NM$60
3.5.17Patricia PhillipsLos Ranchos, NM$50
3.5.17Kathleen PassLas Cruces, NM$10
3.6.17Charles BonacciLas Cruces, NM$60
3.6.17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
3.7.17Carla Freeman$100
3.7.17John RobertsonPlacitas, NM$100
3.7.17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
3.8.17Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
3.8.17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
3.9.17Patricia CutlerLas Cruces, NM$25
3.9.17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
3.9.17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
3.9.17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
3.10.17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.10.17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
3.10.17Amanda HargisVillanueva, NM$40
3.10.17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
3.11.17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
3.12.17Kevin BrennanSanta Fe, NM$50
3.12.17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
3.12.17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$50
3.14.17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
3.15.17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
3.15.17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
3.15.17Erin MuffolettoAlbuquerque, NM$50
3.16.17Fred WilliamsDeming, NM$75
3.16.17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$20
3.16.17George PabstAlbuquerque, NM$35
3.16.17Bernice BacaSanta Fe, NM$5
3.16.17Virginia MurphyAlbuquerque, NM$20
3.16.17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
3.16.17Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$50
3.17.17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.17.17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.17.17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
3.18.17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
3.20.17Jack Rokowski EnterprisesLas Cruces, NM$20
3.20.17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
3.20.17Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
3.21.17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
3.21.17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
3.21.17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
3.22.17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.22.17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
3.23.17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
3.23.17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
3.24.17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
3.24.17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
3.25.17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
3.25.17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
3.26.17John L. Jones and Janice Arnold-JonesAlbuquerque, NM$250
3.26.17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
3.27.17Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
3.27.17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
3.28.17Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$5
3.28.17Nicholas EvansFarmington, NM$5
3.28.17Nick and Erica VogesAlbuquerque, NM$100
3.28.17Bob PerlsCorrales, NM$25
3.28.17Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
3.28.17Wally and Carol HaussamenSanta Fe, NM$20
3.28.17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
3.28.17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
3.29.17Mary Schmidt-NowaraAlbuquerque, NM$50
3.30.17George PalmerSanta Fe, NM$100
3.30.17Jerry SchickedanzLas Cruces, NM$50
3.30.17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
3.30.17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
3.31.17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.31.17Steve Montaño Las Cruces, NM$20
3.31.17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.31.17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
3.31.17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
3.31.17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
4.1.17Fred NathanSanta Fe, NM$100
4.1.17Avelina BardwellSanta Fe, NM$100
4.1.17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
4.1.17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
4.1.17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
4.1.17Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
4.2.17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
4.2.17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
4.2.17Jarratt ApplewhiteLamy, NM$100
4.3.17Rodolfo AcostaLas Cruces, NM$25
4.3.17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
4.5.17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
4.6.17Jane AscheLas Cruces, NM$100
4.6.17Carl and Penny BaldwinSanta Fe, NM$100
4.6.17Steve FischmannMesilla Park, NM$200
4.6.17Keith FifeWhite Rock, NM$500
4.6.17Carmen LopezFarmington, NM$30
4.6.17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
4.8.17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
4.8.17Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
4.8.17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
4.9.17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
4.9.17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
4.9.17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
4.10.17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
4.10.17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
4.11.17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
4/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
4/11/17Marissa PadillaWashington, D.C.$150
4/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
4/11/17Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$150
4/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
4/13/17Javier MartínezAlbuquerque, NM$50
4/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
4/14/17Xochitl TorresLas Cruces, NM$150
4/14/17Rosanna CordovaAlbuquerque, NM$25
4/14/17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
4/14/17Michael LaTorraPalm Beach, FL$10
4/14/17Caroline BuerkleRio Rancho, NM$500
4/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
4/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
4/16/17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
4/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
4/17/17Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$350
4/17/17Terry BrunnerAlbuquerque, NM$100
4/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
4/17/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
4/17/17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
4/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
4/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
4/20/17Amber WallinAlbuquerque, NM$50
4/20/17Nancy C. LairdRio Rancho, NM$20
4/20/17Don and Jo NashLas Cruces, NM$60
4/20/17Heather WhitleyLivermore, Calif.$20
4/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$20
4/20/17Teresa TenorioLas Cruces, NM$20
4/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
4/21/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
4/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
4/21/17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
4/22/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
4/22/17Suzan StrongAlbuquerque, NM$50
4/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
4/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
4/22/17Kimberly WalkerSanta Fe, NM$20
4/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
4/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
4/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
4/23/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
4/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
4/24/17Diane DenishAlbuquerque, NM$200
4/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
4/24/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
4/24/17Tyler BentingDeming, NM$150
4/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
4/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
4/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
4/26/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
4/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
4/27/17Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
4/27/17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
4/27/17Rita TrivizLas Cruces, NM$32
4/28/17Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$5
4/28/17Nicholas EvansFarmington, NM$5
4/28/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
4/28/17Kathleen M. MezoffGallup, NM$20
4/28/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
4/28/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
4/28/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
4/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
4/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
4/30/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
4/30/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
4/30/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$5
4/30/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
4/30/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
4/30/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
4/30/17Randy HarrisLas Cruces, NM$10
5/1/17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
5/1/17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
5/1/17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
5/1/17Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
5/2/17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
5/3/17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
5/3/17Karyl Ann ArmbrusterLos Alamos, NM$25
5/5/17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
5/5/17Cason ReilyAlbuquerque, NM$5
5/6/17Sharon SmockLas Cruces, NM$10
5/6/17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
5/8/17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
5/8/17Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
5/8/17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
5/8/17Sharon SmockLas Cruces, NM$100
5/9/17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
5/9/17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
5/9/17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
5/10/17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
5/10/17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
5/10/17Judith A. AmeriksLas Cruces, NM$50
5/10/17Pamela FifeShelton, WA$10
5/11/17Julie HicksAlbuquerque, NM$50
5/11/17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
5/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
5/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
5/11/17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$20
5/11/17Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$15
5/12/17Susan E. SmallLos Lunas, NM$30
5/12/17Ray and Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
5/12/17Graciela UnguezLas Cruces, NM$200
5/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
5/12/17Bob LibbyLas Cruces, NM$10
5/13/17Rebecca LeppalaAlbuquerque, NM$25
5/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
5/14/17Elaine GereSanta Fe, NM$25
5/14/17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
5/14/17Sharon ThomasLas Cruces, NM$5
5/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
5/15/17Kevin BixbyLas Cruces, NM$5
5/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
5/16/17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
5/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
5/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
5/17/17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
5/17/17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$120
5/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
5/19/17Algernon D'AmmassaDeming, NM$10
5/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
5/20/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
5/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$10
5/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
5/21/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
5/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
5/21/17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
5/22/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
5/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
5/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
5/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
5/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
5/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
5/23/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
5/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
5/23/17Andres PerezLas Cruces, NM$10
5/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
5/23/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
5/24/17Deborah BusemeyerSanta Fe, NM$50
5/25/17Randy HarrisLas Cruces, NM$10
5/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
5/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
5/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
5/25/17Laura BryantLas Cruces, NM$10
5/25/17Grant TaylorAlbuquerque, NM$50
5/26/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
5/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
5/26/17Nan RubinLas Cruces, NM$50
5/27/17Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
5/27/17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
5/27/17Michael HuertaLas Cruces, NM$10
5/28/17Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$5
5/28/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
5/28/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
5/28/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
5/28/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
5/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
5/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
5/30/17Candice McDonaldLas Cruces, NM$100
5/30/17Sarah GustavusAlbuquerque, NM$50
5/30/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
5/30/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
5/30/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
5/30/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
5/30/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
5/31/17Norty KalishmanAlbuquerque, NM$100
5/31/17Karen TrujilloLas Cruces, NM$15
5/31/17Judith FifeLos Alamos, NM$150
5/31/17Jocelyn ApodacaLos Angeles, CA$30
5/31/17Ray JaramilloLas Cruces, NM$12
5/31/17Katlyne SilvaAlbuquerque, NM$50
5/31/17Kendyce MangucheiSacramento, CA$12
5/31/17Elaine BaumgartelAlbuquerque, NM$100
5/31/17Alex TapiaSanta Fe, NM$12
6/1/17Nancy LairdRio Rancho, NM$10
6/1/17Nancy LairdRio Rancho, NM$10
6/1/17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
6/1/17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
6/1/17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
6/1/17Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
6/2/17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
6/2/17Byron MarshallHobbs, NM$100
6/3/17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
6/5/17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
6/6/17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
6/8/17Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
6/8/17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
6/9/17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
6/9/17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
6/9/17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
6/10/17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
6/10/17Pamela FifeShelton, WA$10
6/11/17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
6/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
6/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
6/11/17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$20
6/11/17Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$15
6/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
6/12/17Black Sand Neuropsychological Services, IncHilo, HI$100
6/13/17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
6/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
6/14/17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
6/14/17Sharon ThomasLas Cruces, NM$5
6/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
6/15/17Kevin BixbyLas Cruces, NM$5
6/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
6/16/17Trace RabernLas Cruces, NM$5
6/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
6/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
6/17/17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
6/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
6/19/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$15
6/20/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
6/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
6/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$10
6/20/17Ron FennTruth or Consequences, NM$20
6/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
6/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
6/21/17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
6/21/17James RosenthalLas Cruces, NM$125
6/22/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
6/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
6/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
6/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
6/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
6/22/17Jerry SchickedanzLas Cruces, NM$50
6/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
6/23/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
6/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
6/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
6/24/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
6/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
6/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
6/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
6/25/17Randy HarrisLas Cruces, NM$10
6/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
6/27/17Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
6/27/17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
6/27/17Michael HuertaLas Cruces, NM$10
6/27/17Trish RuizHobbs, NM$50
6/27/17Black Sand Neuropsychological Services, IncHilo, HI$100
6/27/17Cyndy RoyLas Cruces, NM$30
6/27/17Ernesto GarciaLas Cruces, NM$15
6/28/17Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$5
6/28/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
6/28/17Brett HendersonLas Cruces, NM$1,000
6/28/17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
6/28/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
6/28/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
6/28/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
6/29/17Roberta Salazar-HenryLas Cruces, NM$50
6/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
6/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
6/30/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
6/30/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
6/30/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
6/30/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
6/30/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
6/30/17Sunil SakhalkarSanta Fe, NM$5
7/1/17Nancy LairdRio Rancho, NM$10
7/1/17Carl and Penny BaldwinSanta Fe, NM$50
7/1/17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
7/1/17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
7/1/17Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
7/1/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
7/2/17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
7/3/17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
7/3/17Tracey Kimball and Thomas DaySanta Fe, NM$50
7/4/17Susan E. SmallLos Lunas, NM$30
7/5/17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
7/6/17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
7/6/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
7/7/17Michelle SpringerRio Rancho, NM$20
7/7/17Kathryn RayLas Cruces, NM$100
7/7/17Adrian TellesAlbuquerque, NM$20
7/8/17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
7/9/17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
7/9/17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
7/9/17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
7/10/17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
7/10/17Pamela FifeShelton, WA$10
7/11/17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
7/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
7/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
7/11/17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$20
7/11/17Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$15
7/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
7/12/17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$15
7/13/17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
7/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
7/14/17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
7/14/17Sharon ThomasLas Cruces, NM$5
7/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
7/15/17Kevin BixbyLas Cruces, NM$5
7/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
7/16/17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
7/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
7/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
7/17/17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
7/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
7/19/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$15
7/20/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
7/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
7/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$10
7/20/17Ron FennTruth or Consequences, NM$20
7/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
7/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
7/21/17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
7/21/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
7/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
7/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
7/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
7/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
7/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
7/23/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
7/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
7/23/17Lindsey HaussamenRancho Cucamonga, Calif.$10
7/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
7/24/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
7/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
7/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
7/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
7/25/17Carol LathamAlbuquerque, NM$10
7/26/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
7/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
7/26/17John BloomLas Cruces, NM$100
7/27/17Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
7/27/17Michael HuertaLas Cruces, NM$10
7/28/17Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$5
7/28/17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
7/29/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
7/29/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
7/29/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
7/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
7/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
7/30/17Ken MiyagishimaLas Cruces, NM$75
7/30/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
7/30/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
7/30/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
7/30/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
7/30/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
7/30/17Sunil SakhalkarSanta Fe, NM$5
7/31/17Karyl Ann ArmbrusterLos Alamos, NM$50
8/1/17Nancy LairdRio Rancho, NM$10
8/1/17Randy HarrisLas Cruces, NM$10
8/1/17William CorbettLas Cruces, NM$40
8/1/17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
8/1/17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
8/1/17Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
8/2/17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
8/2/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
8/3/17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
8/5/17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
8/6/17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
8/8/17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
8/9/17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
8/9/17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
8/10/17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
8/10/17Pamela FifeShelton, WA$10
8/11/17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
8/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
8/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
8/11/17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$20
8/11/17Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$15
8/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
8/12/17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$15
8/12/17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
8/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
8/14/17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
8/14/17Sharon ThomasLas Cruces, NM$5
8/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
8/15/17Kevin BixbyLas Cruces, NM$5
8/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
8/15/17Jayme RubensteinSan Diego, CA$25
8/15/17Christopher BardeyLas Cruces, NM$40
8/15/17Amber WallinAlbuquerque, NM$30
8/15/17Mimi StewartAlbuquerque, NM$100
8/15/17Jarratt ApplewhiteLamy, NM$100
8/15/17Bruce McKinneySilver City, NM$50
8/15/17Kathleen M. MezoffGallup, NM$30
8/15/17Josefina DominguezLas Cruces, NM$5
8/15/17John GriffithLas Cruces, NM$25
8/15/17Kathy SmithSanta Fe, NM$5
8/16/17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
8/16/17Travis GaleyArlington, VA$5
8/16/17Travis GaleyArlington, VA$5
8/16/17Travis GaleyArlington, VA$5
8/16/17Terry SchlederAlbuquerque, NM$5
8/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
8/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
8/17/17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
8/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
8/19/17April FletcherTijeras, NM$20
8/19/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$15
8/20/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
8/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
8/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$20
8/20/17Ron FennTruth or Consequences, NM$20
8/20/17William HarryAddison, Texas$5
8/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
8/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
8/21/17Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
8/22/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
8/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
8/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
8/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
8/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
8/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
8/23/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
8/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
8/23/17Lindsey HaussamenRancho Cucamonga, Calif.$10
8/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
8/24/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
8/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
8/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
8/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
8/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
8/25/17Amanda HargisVillanueva, NM$10
8/26/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
8/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
8/27/17Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
8/27/17Michael HuertaLas Cruces, NM$10
8/27/17Rachel SamsAlbuquerque, NM$10
8/28/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
8/28/17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
8/28/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
8/29/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
8/29/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
8/29/17VisionBroadcast Media LLCAlbuquerque, NM$25
8/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
8/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
8/30/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
8/30/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
8/30/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
8/30/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
8/30/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
8/30/17Sunil SakhalkarSanta Fe, NM$5
9/1/17Nancy LairdRio Rancho, NM$10
9/1/17Randy HarrisLas Cruces, NM$10
9/1/17Trica Willey HazeltonLas Cruces, NM$50
9/1/17 John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
9/1/17 Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
9/1/17 Fred SisnerosRio Rancho, NM$10
9/2/17 Lee Ann RaelSanta Fe, NM$100
9/2/17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
9/3/17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
9/5/17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
9/6/17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
9/7/17Susan E. SmallLos Lunas, NM$30
9/8/17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
9/9/17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
9/9/17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
9/10/17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
9/10/17Pamela FifeShelton, WA$10
9/11/17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
9/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
9/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
9/11/17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$20
9/11/17Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$15
9/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
9/12/17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$15
9/12/17Larry GioanniniLas Cruces, NM$200
9/13/17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
9/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
9/14/17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/14/17Sharon ThomasLas Cruces, NM$5
9/14/17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$25
9/15/17Carl and Penny BaldwinSanta Fe, NM$50
9/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
9/15/17Kevin BixbyLas Cruces, NM$5
9/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
9/15/17Josefina DominguezLas Cruces, NM$5
9/16/17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
9/16/17Travis GaleyArlington, VA$5
9/16/17Terry SchlederAlbuquerque, NM$5
9/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
9/17/17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
9/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
9/19/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$15
9/20/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
9/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
9/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/20/17Ron FennTruth or Consequences, NM$20
9/20/17William HarryAddison, Texas$5
9/20/17Linda SiegleSanta Fe, NM$100
9/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
9/21/17Elisa CundiffSanta Fe, NM$5
9/21/17Amy OrlandoSanta Fe, NM$40
9/22/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
9/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
9/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
9/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
9/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
9/22/17Karen TrujilloLas Cruces, NM$15
9/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
9/23/17Lindsey HaussamenRancho Cucamonga, CA$10
9/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
9/24/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
9/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
9/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
9/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
9/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/26/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
9/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
9/27/17Michael HuertaLas Cruces, NM$10
9/27/17Rachel SamsAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/27/17Michael SwickardLas Cruces, NM$365
9/27/17Jeff LahannLas Cruces, NM$30
9/27/17Martin KretzmannAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/27/17Edan LuscheiLas Cruces, NM$5
9/28/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
9/28/17James HickersonCedar Crest, NM$15
9/28/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
9/28/17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
9/28/17Ben LewingerAlbuquerque, NM$50
9/28/17John MastersonTruth or Consequences, NM$50
9/29/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
9/29/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
9/29/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
9/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
9/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
9/30/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
9/30/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
9/30/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
9/30/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
9/30/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
9/30/17Sunil SakhalkarSanta Fe, NM$5
10/1/17Nancy LairdRio Rancho, NM$10
10/1/17Randy HarrisLas Cruces, NM$10
10/1/17Fred NathanSanta Fe, NM$100
10/1/17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
10/2/17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
10/5/17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
10/5/17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
10/5/17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
10/6/17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
10/6/17J.R. BrownAlbuquerque, NM$60
10/6/17Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$500
10/8/17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
10/8/17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
10/9/17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
10/9/17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
10/10/17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
10/10/17Pamela FifeShelton, WA$10
10/11/17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
10/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
10/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
10/11/17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$20
10/11/17Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$15
10/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
10/12/17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$15
10/12/17Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$5
10/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
10/14/17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/14/17Sharon ThomasLas Cruces, NM$5
10/14/17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$25
10/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
10/15/17Kevin BixbyLas Cruces, NM$5
10/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
10/15/17Josefina DominguezLas Cruces, NM$5
10/16/17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
10/16/17Travis GaleyArlington, VA$5
10/16/17Terry SchlederAlbuquerque, NM$5
10/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
10/17/17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
10/17/17Shirl CasnerCochiti Lake, NM$100
10/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
10/18/17Brett HendersonLas Cruces, NM$1,000
10/19/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$15
10/20/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
10/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
10/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/20/17Ron FennTruth or Consequences, NM$20
10/20/17William HarryAddison, Texas$5
10/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
10/21/17Elisa CundiffSanta Fe, NM$5
10/22/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
10/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
10/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
10/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
10/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
10/22/17Karen TrujilloLas Cruces, NM$15
10/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
10/23/17Lindsey HaussamenRancho Cucamonga, Calif.$10
10/23/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
10/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
10/24/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
10/24/17Jarratt ApplewhiteLamy, NM$200
10/24/17Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$25
10/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
10/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
10/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
10/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/26/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
10/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
10/27/17Michael HuertaLas Cruces, NM$10
10/27/17Rachel SamsAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/27/17Jeff LahannLas Cruces, NM$30
10/27/17Martin KretzmannAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/27/17Edan LuscheiLas Cruces, NM$5
10/28/17James HickersonCedar Crest, NM$15
10/28/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
10/28/17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
10/29/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
10/29/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
10/29/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
10/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
10/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
10/31/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
10/31/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
10/31/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
10/31/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
10/31/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
10/31/17Sunil SakhalkarSanta Fe, NM$5
10/31/17James MaddenTaos, NM$60
10/31/17Timothy G. ParkerLas Cruces, NM$250
11/1/17Nancy LairdRio Rancho, NM$10
11/1/17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
11/1/17John WhitbeckSaanta Fe, NM$5
11/2/17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
11/3/17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
11/4/17Chrislynn Craig$5
11/5/17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
11/5/17Lynda ThompsonTruth or Consequences, NM$60
11/6/17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
11/6/17Sarah SilvaLas Cruces, NM$210
11/6/17Cyndy RoyLas Cruces, NM$15
11/6/17David GironAlbuquerque, NM$25
11/6/17Bernie DigmanLas Cruces, NM$300
11/6/17Teresa TenorioLas Cruces, NM$15
11/6/17Stephanie and Adrian TellesAlbuquerque, NM$25
11/6/17Sally WilliamsMesilla, NM$10
11/6/17Michelle SpringerRio Rancho, NM$5
11/6/17Steven TorrezLas Cruces, NM$5
11/6/17Daniel LibitChicago, Ill$250
11/6/17Kris McNeilCorrales, NM$20
11/7/17Julie Ann GrimmSanta Fe, NM$25
11/7/17Algernon D'AmmassaDeming, NM$10
11/8/17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
11/8/17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
11/8/17Malcolm McCollumnColorado Springs, CO$25
11/8/17Neil ShererAlbuquerque, NM$5
11/9/17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
11/9/17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
11/10/17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
11/10/17Pamela FifeShelton, WA$10
11/10/17Renee BeltranMesilla, NM$5
11/11/17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
11/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
11/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
11/11/17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$20
11/11/17Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$15
11/11/17Phillip BornLas Cruces, NM$10
11/12/17Susan E. SmallLos Lunas, NM$30
11/12/17Susan FitzgeraldLas Cruces, NM$150
11/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
11/12/17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$15
11/12/17Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$5
11/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
11/14/17Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/14/17Sharon ThomasLas Cruces, NM$5
11/14/17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$25
11/14/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
11/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
11/15/17Kevin BixbyLas Cruces, NM$5
11/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
11/15/17Josefina DominguezLas Cruces, NM$5
11/16/17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
11/16/17Travis GaleyArlington, VA$5
11/16/17Terry SchlederAlbuquerque, NM$5
11/16/17Samantha Cicero$45
11/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
11/17/17Meg FreyermuthLas Cruces, NM$5
11/18/17Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$150
11/18/17Bennett AndresAlbuquerque, NM$15
11/18/17Samuel LeDouxLos Alamos, NM$5
11/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
11/19/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$15
11/19/17Patricia PhillipsLos Ranchos, NM$50
11/20/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
11/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
11/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/20/17William HarryAddison, Texas$5
11/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
11/21/17Elisa CundiffSanta Fe, NM$5
11/22/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
11/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
11/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
11/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
11/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
11/22/17Karen TrujilloLas Cruces, NM$15
11/22/17Kippur FlaxAlbuquerque, NM$30
11/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
11/24/17Lindsey HaussamenRancho Cucamonga, Calif.$10
11/24/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
11/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
11/24/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
11/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
11/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
11/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
11/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/25/17Lacey HaussamenSouth Bend, Ind.$5
11/26/17Ray and Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
11/26/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
11/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
11/27/17Michael HuertaLas Cruces, NM$10
11/27/17Rachel SamsAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/27/17Martin KretzmannAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/27/17Edan LuscheiLas Cruces, NM$5
11/28/17James HickersonCedar Crest, NM$15
11/28/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
11/28/17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
11/28/17Jeff LahannLas Cruces, NM$30
11/28/17Black Sand Neuropsychological Services, IncHilo, HI$100
11/28/17Norty KalishmanAlbuquerque, NM$100
11/28/17Marie C. BacaAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/28/17Marjorie ChildressAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/28/17Claudia PiperLa Mesa, NM$200
11/28/17Dede FeldmanAlbuquerque, NM$50
11/28/17GETright CopyeditingLas Cruces, NM$10
11/28/17Margaret ReedAlbuquerque, NM$25
11/28/17Jarratt ApplewhiteLamy, NM$100
11/28/17Linda LockettPlacitas, NM$100
11/28/17Cody HooksTaos, NM$10
11/29/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
11/29/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
11/29/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
11/29/17April FletcherTijeras, NM$20
11/29/17Jordan Lavender-SmithNorman, OK$20
11/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
11/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
11/30/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
11/30/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
11/30/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
11/30/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
11/30/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
11/30/17Sunil SakhalkarSanta Fe, NM$5
12/1/17Vesta HenryGallup, NM$100
12/1/17Nancy LairdRio Rancho, NM$10
12/1/17Louis ThorpHobbs, NM$10
12/1/17John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
12/1/17James RosenthalLas Cruces, NM$200
12/2/17Jeff LahannLas Cruces, NM$30
12/2/17Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
12/3/17Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
12/4/17Chrislynn Craig$5
12/4/17Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$120
12/5/17Avelina BardwellSanta Fe, NM$100
12/5/17Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$10
12/6/17Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
12/6/17Cyndy RoyLas Cruces, NM$15
12/6/17Sally WilliamsMesilla, NM$10
12/6/17Michelle SpringerRio Rancho, NM$5
12/6/17Steven TorrezLas Cruces, NM$5
12/6/17Loretta HallAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/6/17Nancy McLendon$60
12/8/17David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
12/8/17Alexander CotoiaLas Cruces, NM$20
12/8/17Neil ShererAlbuquerque, NM$5
12/8/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$10
12/9/17Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
12/9/17Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$5
12/10/17Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$5
12/10/17Pamela FifeShelton, WA$10
12/10/17Renee BeltranMesilla, NM$5
12/11/17Jess WilliamsLas Cruces, NM$250
12/11/17Erin TaylorLas Cruces, NM$5
12/11/17W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
12/11/17Nayomi ValdezLas Cruces, NM$5
12/11/17Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$20
12/11/17Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$15
12/11/17Phillip BornLas Cruces, NM$10
12/11/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$20
12/12/17Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
12/12/17Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$15
12/12/17Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$5
12/13/17John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$15
12/13/17Jason WatkinsSanta Fe, NM$10
12/13/17Pat Bellestri-MartinezLas Cruces, NM$25
12/14/17Sharon ThomasLas Cruces, NM$5
12/14/17Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$25
12/14/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
12/14/17Frank DuBoisMesilla Park, NM$100
12/14/17Linda PaffordSan Lorenzo, NM$10
12/14/17Nathan WingerAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/15/17Jenny BarreraSanta Fe, NM$5
12/15/17Kevin BixbyLas Cruces, NM$5
12/15/17Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
12/15/17Josefina DominguezLas Cruces, NM$5
12/15/17Mick McMahanAlbuquerque, NM$50
12/16/17Trace RabernSanta Fe, NM$5
12/16/17Travis GaleyArlington, VA$5
12/16/17Terry SchlederAlbuquerque, NM$5
12/17/17Richard L. WoodAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/17/17Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
12/18/17Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
12/19/17Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$15
12/19/17Samantha Cicero$5
12/19/17Howie MoralesSilver City, NM$100
12/20/17Patrick HayesEl Paso, Texas$5
12/20/17Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
12/20/17Augustine BacaAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/20/17William HarryAddison, Texas$5
12/20/17Javier MartinezAlbuquerque, NM$20
12/21/17Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/21/17Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
12/21/17Elisa CundiffSanta Fe, NM$5
12/21/17Charles GoodmacherRio Rancho, NM$20
12/21/17Bill VaruolaFairacres, NM$50
12/21/17Cynthia Pacheco$15
12/22/17Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$10
12/22/17Colin BaillioAlbuquerque, NM$5
12/22/17Carol TuckLas Cruces, NM$5
12/22/17Scott ForresterAlbuquerque, NM$5
12/22/17Amanda BradfordLas Cruces, NM$5
12/22/17Karen TrujilloLas Cruces, NM$15
12/23/17Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/23/17Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$50
12/23/17Lindsey HaussamenRancho Cucamonga, Calif.$10
12/23/17Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
12/23/17Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$20
12/23/17Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$1,600
12/24/17Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
12/24/17Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
12/24/17Mark FleisherAlbuquerque, NM$50
12/25/17Elizabeth SchirmerLas Cruces, NM$5
12/25/17Thomas SamuelsOld Mystic, Conn.$5
12/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$20
12/25/17Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/25/17Lacey HaussamenSouth Bend, Ind. $5
12/26/17Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
12/26/17Johana BencomoLas Cruces, NM$10
12/26/17Linda SiegleSanta Fe, NM$100
12/27/17Michael HuertaLas Cruces, NM$10
12/27/17Rachel SamsAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/27/17Martin KretzmannAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/27/17Edan LuscheiLas Cruces, NM$5
12/28/17James HickersonCedar Crest, NM$15
12/28/17Dawn HommerLas Cruces, NM$5
12/28/17Deanna BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
12/28/17Jeff LahannLas Cruces, NM$30
12/29/17Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
12/29/17Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
12/29/17Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
12/29/17George PearsonLas Cruces, NM$20
12/30/17Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
12/30/17Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
12/30/17Eric GriegoAlbuquerque, NM$5
12/30/17Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
12/30/17Maggie Toulouse OliverSanta Fe, NM$10
12/30/17Nancy HudsonLas Cruces, NM$10
12/30/17Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$10
12/30/17Sunil SakhalkarSanta Fe, NM$5
12/31/17Mary CostelloTesuque, NM$1,000
12/31/17Brian MooreClayton, NM$250

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