2016 funding

NMPolitics.net is funded primarily through advertising sponsorships and donations from people and organizations. We value government transparency and believe we should hold ourselves to the same standard. So, in accordance with our financial contributor policy, we disclose information about all advertising sponsorships and donations.

Below is information about our 2016 funding. Thanks to all our sponsors and donors!

Advertising sponsors

Here’s a list of our 2016 advertising sponsors:

Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office
($15,000, advertiser from Dec. 1, 2015 to Nov. 30, 2016)

SunPower by Positive Energy Solar
SunPower by Positive Energy Solar
($10,000, advertiser from Jan. 25, 2016 to Jan. 24, 2017)

CHI St. Joseph’s Children
($3,750, sponsor from July 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2016)

N.M. Association of Commerce and Industry
($2,459.64, sponsor from July 7, 2016 to June 30, 2017)

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Steinborn & Associates Real Estate
($1,000, sponsor from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2016)

National Education Association – New Mexico
($1,386, sponsor from July 25 to Sept. 4, 2016)

Miller Guns & Ammo
($1,385.98, sponsor from Jan. 20 to July 5, 2016)

Campos, Pete
State Sen. Pete Campos
($849.55, sponsor from June 9 to July 6 and Oct. 24 to Dec. 31, 2016)

Soules US Congress
($593.57, sponsor from Oct. 28 to Nov. 8, 2016)

Candie Sweetser
($502.01, sponsor from Sept. 14 to Nov. 8, 2016)

State Sen. Joseph Cervantes
($462, sponsor from Jan. 20 to Feb. 16, 2016)

State Sen. Mary Kay Papen
($462, sponsor from Oct. 12 to Nov. 8, 2016)

Hart Stebbins, Maggie
Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins
($462, sponsor from June 23 to July 6 and Nov. 8 to 21, 2016)

Committee to Elect Angelica Rubio
($346.25, sponsor from June 1-7, 2016)

State Rep. Bill McCamley
($231, sponsor from Oct. 12 to Nov. 8, 2016)


Here’s information about our 2016 grant funding:

• Primary funding ($3,500) for our series that tells the stories of multi-ethnic families came from the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance, a project of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Sarah Silva, the executive director of N.M. Communidades en Acción y de Fé, is a W.K. Kellogg fellow (and, by way of disclosure, Silva is dating NMPolitics.net editor and publisher Heath Haussamen, who edited this project). Silva focused her fellowship resources on partnering with news organizations to tell stories of multi-ethnic families as a way to bridge our understanding of one another. NMPolitics.net and the Las Cruces Sun-News also provided financial support for this project, and the news organizations retained all editorial control.


Here’s our year-to-date list of donors, which we keep updated as new donations come in:

Date of donationNameCity, stateAmount
1.1.16Robert GorrellPlacitas, NM$50
1.1.16John Whitbeck$5
1.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
1.1.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
1.2.16Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.2.16Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
1.2.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
1.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
1.4.16Caroline BuerkleRio Rancho, NM$500
1.5.16Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
1.6.16Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
1.7.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
1.10.16Bev CourtneyLas Cruces, NM$5
1.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
1.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
1.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
1.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
1.15.16Paul AngelLas Cruces, NM$10
1.15.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
1.17.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
1.19.16David CowleyAlamogordo, NM$25
1.20.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
1.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
1.21.16Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
1.21.16Ryan CangiolosiAlbuquerque, NM$25
1.22.16Mark GruenAlbuquerque, NM$10
1.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
1.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
1.24.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
1.25.16April FletcherTijeras, NM$20
1.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
1.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
1.29.16Ray and Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
1.29.16Robert GibsonEl Paso, Texas$50
1.31.16Dianne GoodmanAlbuquerque, NM$20
1.31.16Dianne GoodmanAlbuquerque, NM$20
2.1.16Michael SwickardLas Cruces, NM$250
2.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
2.1.16John Whitbeck$5
2.2.16Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
2.2.16Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
2.6.16Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
2.7.16Ched MacQuiggAlbuquerque, NM$250
2.7.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
2.8.16Dianne GoodmanAlbuquerque, NM$20
2.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
2.10.16Bev CourtneyLas Cruces, NM$5
2.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
2.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
2.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
2.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
2.15.16Paul AngelLas Cruces, NM$10
2.15.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.15.16Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$80
2.16.16Helen WertheimAlbuquerque, NM$100
2.17.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
2.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
2.18.16Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$1,000
2.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
2.20.16Charlotte LipsonLas Cruces, NM$30
2.21.16Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
2.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
2.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
2.22.16Mark GruenAlbuquerque, NM$10
2.22.16Kippur C. FlaxAlbuquerque, NM$50
1.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
2.23.16Amanda KinkaidAlbuquerque, NM$20
2.24.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
2.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
2.24.16Randy HarrisLas Cruces, NM$100
2.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
2.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
3.1.16Dianne GoodmanAlbuquerque, NM$20
3.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
3.1.16John Whitbeck$5
3.1.16Cassie McClureLas Cruces, NM$25
3.2.16Fred WilliamsDeming, NM$50
3.2.16April FletcherTijeras, NM$25
3.2.16Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
3.2.16Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
3.6.16Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
3.7.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
3.9.16Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$50
3.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
3.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
3.9.16Roberta Salazar-HenryLas Cruces, NM$20
3.9.16April FletcherTijeras, NM$20
3.10.16Bev CourtneyLas Cruces, NM$5
3.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
3.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
3.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
3.12.16Ray and Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
3.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
3.15.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
3.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
3.16.16Mark HolmAlbuquerque, NM$50
3.17.16Jerry SchickedanzLas Cruces, NM$50
3.17.16Bob PerlsCorrales, NM$25
3.17.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
3.17.16Brian ColónLas Cruces, NM$5
3.19.16George PalmerSanta Fe, NM$50
3.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
3.20.16Paul AngelLas Cruces, NM$10
3.21.16Bill VaruolaFairacres, NM$50
3.21.16Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
3.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
3.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
3.22.16Mark GruenAlbuquerque, NM$10
3.22.16Diane DenishAlbuquerque, NM$200
3.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
3.23.16Barbara KimLas Cruces, NM$25
3.24.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
3.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
3.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
3.30.16Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$50
4.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
4.1.16John Whitbeck$5
4.2.16William OsborneSanta Fe, NM$20
4.2.16Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
4.2.16Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
4.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
4.5.16Teresa PerezLas Cruces, NM$25
4.5.16Cyndy RoyLas Cruces, NM$25
4.6.16Denise LangLa Luz, NM$25
4.6.16Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
4.7.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
4.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
4.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
4.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
4.10.16Bev CourtneyLas Cruces, NM$5
4.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
4.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
4.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
4.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
4.14.16Barbara H. CreiderLas Cruces, NM$35
4.15.16Paul AngelLas Cruces, NM$10
4.15.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
4.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
4.17.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
4.18.16Carl and Penny BaldwinSanta Fe, NM$100
4.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
4.21.16Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
4.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
4.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
4.22.16Mark GruenAlbuquerque, NM$10
4.22.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
4.22.16Jane AscheLas Cruces, NM$50
4.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
4.24.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
4.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
4.25.16Nan RubinLas Cruces, NM$50
4.26.16Shannon FornesLas Cruces, NM$5
4.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
4.26.16Beth MilesLas Cruces, NM$60
4.27.16Allen StengerBoulder, CO$500
4.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
4.29.16Claudia PiperLas Cruces, NM$100
5.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
5.1.16John Whitbeck$5
5.2.16Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
5.2.16Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
5.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
5.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
5.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
5.7.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
5.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
5.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
5.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
5.9.16Ray and Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
5.10.16Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
5.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
5.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
5.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
5.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
5.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
5.17.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
5.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
5.20.16Sarah SilvaLas Cruces, NM$400
5.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
5.21.16Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
5.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
5.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
5.21.16Cervantes Law FirmLas Cruces, NM$100
5.22.16Matthew GarciaAlbuquerque, NM$10
5.22.16Mark GruenAlbuquerque, NM$10
5.23.16Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
5.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM $10
5.24.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
5.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
5.26.16Shannon FornesLas Cruces, NM$5
5.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
5.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
5.31.16Dennis BarcuchHobbs, NM$100
6.1.16Fred NathanSanta Fe, NM$100
6.1.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
6.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
6.1.16John Whitbeck$5
6.2.16Michelle SpringerRio Rancho, NM$30
6.2.16Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
6.2.16Matt MadridLas Cruces, NM$200
6.3.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
6.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
6.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
6.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
6.3.16Richard MartinHobbs, NM$50
6.4.16Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$50
6.7.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
6.7.16Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
6.7.16Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$500
6.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
6.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
6.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
6.10.16Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
6.10.16April FletcherTijeras, NM$25
6.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
6.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
6.11.16Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
6.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
6.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
6.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
6.17.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
6.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
6.17.16Simon ThompsonMesilla, NM$60
6.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
6.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
6.21.16Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
6.22.16Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
6.22.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
6.22.16Mark GruenAlbuquerque, NM$10
6.23.16Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
6.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
6.23.16Michael Clay MillsSanta Fe, NM$10
6.23.16Vesta HenryGallup, NM$120
6.24.16Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
6.24.16Tito MeyerLas Cruces, NM$100
6.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
6.24.16Shannon FornesLas Cruces, NM$5
6.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
6.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
6.28.16Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
6.29.16Jess WilliamsLas Cruces, NM$150
7.1.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
7.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
7.1.16John Whitbeck$5
7.2.16Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
7.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
7.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
7.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
7.6.16John BloomLas Cruces, NM$10
7.7.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
7.7.16Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
7.8.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
7.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
7.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
7.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
7.10.16Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
7.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
7.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
7.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
7.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
7.15.16Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$50
7.15.16Ann KingAlbuquerque, NM$50
7.15.16Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$100
7.15.16Howie MoralesSilver City, NM$200
7.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
7.15.16John GriffithLas Cruces, NM$25
7.16.16Trica Willey HazeltonLas Cruces, NM$50
7.16.16Mickey CurtisLas Cruces, NM$5
7.17.16Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
7.17.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
7.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
7.18.16Ray and Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
7.18.16William CorbettLas Cruces, NM$40
7.18.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
7.19.16Ken MiyagishimaLas Cruces, NM$50
7.20.16Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$100
7.20.16Philip BanksArlington, VA$100
7.20.16Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
7.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
7.20.16Heather BalasCorrales, NM$25
7.21.16Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
7.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
7.23.16Bob CoppedgeMesilla Park, NM$25
7.23.16Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
7.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
7.24.16Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
7.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
7.26.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
7.26.16Shannon FornesLas Cruces, NM$5
7.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
7.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
7.27.16Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
7.29.16Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
8.1.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
8.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
8.1.16John Whitbeck$5
8.2.16Linda SiegleSanta Fe, NM$100
8.2.16Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
8.2.16Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
8.2.16Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
8.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
8.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
8.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
8.4.16Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
8.5.16Peter St. CyrAlbuquerque, NM$26
8.6.16Mick McMahanAlbuquerque, NM$50
8.7.16Jack RokowskiLas Cruces, NM$50
8.7.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$5
8.7.16Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
8.8.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
8.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
8.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
8.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
8.10.16Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
8.10.16Ched MacQuiggAlbuquerque, NM$100
8.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
8.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
8.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
8.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
8.14.16Jody CrowleyLas Cruces, NM$20
8.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
8.17.16Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
8.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
8.18.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
8.20.16Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
8.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
8.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
8.21.16Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
8.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
8.22.16Glen ThurowAlbuquerque, NM$25
8.23.16Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$500
8.23.16Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
8.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
8.24.16Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
8.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
8.26.16Shannon FornesLas Cruces, NM$5
8.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
8.26.16Georgette ReevesAustin, Texas$25
8.27.16Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
8.27.16Rachel CourtneyLas Cruces, NM$50
8.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
8.28.16John PetersonLas Cruces, NM$25
8.29.16Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
8.29.16Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$200
8.31.16John GroganRoswell, NM$25
8.31.16Andrea OrzoffLas Cruces, NM$5
9.1.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
9.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
9.1.16John Whitbeck$5
9.2.16Bill VaruolaFairacres, NM$50
9.2.16Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
9.2.16Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
9.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
9.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
9.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
9.7.16Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
9.8.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
9.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
9.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
9.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
9.10.16Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
9.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
9.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
9.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
9.12.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
9.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
9.16.16Ray WilkinsonAlbuquerque, NM$10
9.17.16Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
9.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
9.18.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
9.20.16Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
9.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
9.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
9.21.16Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
9.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
9.23.16Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
9.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
9.23.16Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
9.24.16Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
9.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
9.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
9.27.16Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
9.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
9.29.16Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
9.29.16Rosalie GonzalesSanta Fe, NM$20
9.29.16Matthew ByersCarlsbad, NM$100
9.29.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$20
9.29.16Glen ThurowAlbuquerque, NM$30
9.30.16Mick McMahanAlbuquerque, NM$50
9.30.16Ched MacQuiggAlbuquerque, NM$50
9.30.16Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$30
9.30.16Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$20
9.30.16Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$25
9.30.16Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
9.30.16April FletcherTijeras, NM$10
9.30.16Beth MilesLas Cruces, NM$25
9.30.16Andrea OrzoffLas Cruces, NM$5
10.1.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
10.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
10.1.16John Whitbeck$5
10.2.16Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
10.2.16Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
10.3.16Robert WeinbergSanta Fe, NM$25
10.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
10.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
10.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
10.6.16Deb DarbyAlbuquerque, NM$10
10.6.16Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
10.7.16Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
10.8.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
10.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
10.8.16Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$50
10.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
10.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
10.10.16Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
10.11.16Steve Montaño Las Cruces, NM$25
10.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
10.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
10.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
10.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
10.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
10.17.16Patricia PhillipsLos Ranchos, NM$25
10.17.16Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
10.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
10.18.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
10.18.16Martin KretzmannAlbuquerque, NM$20
10.20.16Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
10.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
10.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
10.21.16Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
10.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
10.22.16Helen StorkLas Cruces, NM$25
10.23.16Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
10.23.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
10.23.16Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
10.24.16Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
10.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
10.25.16Grant TaylorAlbuquerque, NM$250
10.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
10.27.16Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
10.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
10.29.16Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
10.30.16Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
11.1.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
11.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
11.1.16John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
11.2.16Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
11.2.16Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
11.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
11.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
11.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
11.5.16Marissa PadillaWashington, D.C.$100
11.6.16Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
11.7.16Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
11.8.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
11.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
11.8.16Jess WilliamsLas Cruces, NM$250
11.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
11.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
11.10.16Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
11.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
11.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
11.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
11.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
11.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
11.17.16Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
11.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
11.18.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
11.20.16Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
11.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
11.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
11.21.16Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
11.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
11.21.16Cyndy RoyLas Cruces, NM$25
11.22.16Bob CoppedgeLas Cruces, NM$20
11.23.16Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
11.23.16Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
11.24.16Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
11.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
11.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
11.27.16Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
11.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
11.29.16Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
11.29.16Roberta Salazar-HenryLas Cruces, NM$50
11.29.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$50
11.29.16Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$1,000
11.29.16Paula LozarSanta Fe, NM$10
11.29.16Jason K. WatkinsPortland, Ore.$50
11.29.16Karyl Ann ArmbrusterLos Alamos, NM$20
11.29.16Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
11.30.16Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
11.30.16Bill VaruolaFairacres, NM$50
11.30.16Claudia PiperLa Mesa, NM$100
11.30.16Pat Bellestri-MartinezLas Cruces, NM$25
11.30.16April FletcherTijeras, NM$20
11.30.16Mark FleisherAlbuquerque, NM$25
11.30.16Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
11.30.16Susan E. SmallLos Lunas, NM$35
12.1.16Ami RichardsLas Cruces, NM$30
12.1.16Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$5
12.1.16Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
12.1.16John WhitbeckSanta Fe, NM$5
12.1.16Todd RinglerSanta Fe, NM$100
12.2.16Edward RisserLas Cruces, NM$5
12.2.16Paul MaxwellSanta Teresa, NM$5
12.2.16Jack RokowskiLas Cruces, NM$20
12.3.16Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
12.3.16John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
12.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
12.3.16Marla PainterAlbuquerque, NM$5
12.6.16Robert LozanoLas Cruces, NM$5
12.7.16Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
12.8.16Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
12.8.16David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
12.9.16Luanne GreeneLas Cruces, NM$10
12.9.16Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$10
12.10.16Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$15
12.11.16W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
12.11.16Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
12.12.16Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
12.14.16Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
12.15.16Melissa Miller-ByrnesLas Cruces, NM$10
12.17.16Kay BirdAlbuquerque, NM$5
12.17.16Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
12.18.16Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$10
12.19.16Brian MooreClayton, NM$250
12.20.16Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$5
12.20.16Patrick HayesLas Cruces, NM$5
12.21.16Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
12.21.16Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$10
12.21.16Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
12.23.16Johnny OsbornAlbuquerque, NM$10
12.23.16Kelly JamesonLas Cruces, NM$5
12.24.16Gabriel VasquezLas Cruces, NM$5
12.24.16Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
12.26.16Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
12.27.16Liliana CastilloSanta Fe, NM$10
12.27.16Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
12.28.16Jacob PomrenkeScottsdale, Ariz.$50
12.29.16Connie ChapmanLas Cruces, NM$10
12.29.16Wally and Carol HaussamenLas Cruces, NM$20
12.29.16Richard AnklamAlbuquerque, NM$250
12.29.16Ward FreemanSanta Fe, NM$5
12.29.16Patrick DoyleEl Paso, Texas$5
12.30.16Drew EinhornTijeras, NM$15
12.30.16Elizabeth BustamanteSocorro, NM$10
12.30.16Leslie and Amy BuckmanMagnolia, Texas$25
12.30.16Suzan DavisAlbuquerque, NM$25

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