Yes, we have become a lynch-mob society


This is in response to a recent commentary by Harvey E. Yates Jr., Presumption of guilt in Duran case is frightening.

COMMENTARY: Mr. Yates is correct. We have become a lynch-mob society. Is this due to all of the abuse citizens have had to endure for a long time?

As with any abuse (think of domestic violence), the abuse is allowed to perpetuate with silence. When the silence is broken, it is the beginning of the end of the abuse and the beginning of acknowledgement that there is a problem.


Once we acknowledge the problems, with persistence and will, uniting citizens with government leaders, we can begin the process of fixing the problems. Since this is not a party problem, is it time both parties work together to address the pervasive corruption and corrupted practices in this state?

Is it time citizens put their energy into utilizing the laws in place such as the Inspection of Public Records Act and the Open Meetings Act — to get the facts, report them to the appropriate government body, and then be persistent and willful in follow through to ensure that the abuse stops?

We are all victims of this abuse, even a child born here today since the family he or she was born into has been damaged by a corrupted government, whether directly or indirectly. We live in a democracy. There are laws in place right now in New Mexico. Is it time we all unite and work together, focusing on eradicating the abusive and obsolete Machiavellian strategies and tactics that are pointed out in his book, “The Prince?”

Specifically chapter 18 is worth reading. His advice could be interpreted as a playbook on when it is permissible and preferable for rulers to cunningly manipulate the citizens by deception. Based on my observations, this is alive and well in our government. It’s an obsolete strategy due to social media, ubiquitous availability of recording devices, and the necessity for an open and transparent government in order to compete effectively and grow our economy.

Unite with others and focus on wherever you’ve become a victim. With each small step toward exposing what you know, we will be able to address the problems in New Mexico.

May I also respectfully suggest that each politician be preemptive in meticulously reviewing his or her campaign finance reporting and voluntarily correcting it before someone else exposes it?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Goodman is a citizen advocating to make New Mexico better by continuously improving our government and providing a better future for our children and the future of New Mexico. She can be reached at

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