More Hobbs residents call for webcasting of city meetings


Several Hobbs residents are expressing support for two citizens who are pushing the city commission to webcast its meetings and archive the video online.

City Hall in Hobbs, N.M.

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City Hall in Hobbs, N.M.

“I think its a helluva idea,” Andrew Barrientes of Hobbs wrote in a discussion on Facebook. “I am not from here originally but I do live here now. And I would like the opportunity to see the full reaction to future concerns. Makes it feel more personal and at home.”

As reported earlier this week, Hobbs is behind the curve when it comes to webcasting, and two citizens are working to change that. Many New Mexico cities larger and smaller than Hobbs already webcast their governing bodies’ meetings live and archive video online for people to watch when they have time.

Chelsea Renee Brewer of Hobbs likes the idea.

“Yes, we definitely need something like that,” Brewer wrote on Facebook. “Too much stuff goes on here! Would help a lot of issues. I’m all for it!”


James Debouse Jr. and Byron Hill of Hobbs agreed.

“I say hell yea!!!” Debouse wrote.

“I agree, go for it,” Hill wrote.

Katherine Guidry of Los Alamos also endorsed webcasting in Hobbs.

“We went thru this process back 20 years ago in Los Alamos and infirm people demanded the right to witness their policymakers at work,” she wrote. “It is now on a local channel as are the Santa Fe municipalities… long overdue in Hobbs.”

John Lanning of Deming said Hobbs isn’t the only city that needs to catch up with the times.

“The city of Deming and the County of Luna could use a camera on them as well,” Lanning wrote on Facebook.

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