Correction to commentary ‘Hobbs manager’s contract evolution exposes sense of entitlement’

Print has a policy requiring that we correct inaccuracies. In accordance with that policy, here’s a detailed correction to the commentary “Hobbs manager’s contract evolution exposes sense of entitlement.”


The column initially stated that Hobbs City Manager J.J. Murphy didn’t meet the minimum qualifications the city commission set before hiring him. The commission initially required that someone with a master’s degree in public administration – which Murphy has – also have 10 years of municipal experience. Murphy’s résumé lists eight years as deputy city administrator and later city administrator in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Murphy pointed out to that his résumé also indicates he worked as a special assistant to the mayor of that city from 1996-1997. In addition, Murphy told he worked in the clerk’s office in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. in 1992 and 1993. That experience doesn’t appear on his résumé.

At any rate, Murphy wasn’t subject to the requirement of 10 years of municipal experience. After a failed initial search, the Hobbs City Commission reposted the job with lowered qualifications. When Murphy applied, the job required someone with a master’s in public administration to have seven years of municipal experience.

In addition, the column states that Murphy started at $140,000 — which is accurate — but incorrectly stated that the prior city manager who Murphy replaced, Eric Honeyfield, made the same amount his last year on the job. According to information Murphy provided, Honeyfield received a salary of $167,440 plus benefits his last year as Hobbs city manager. regrets the errors.

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