Journalism that’s for all people


Journalism can give voice to people by sparking and facilitating discussions in person and online. It can represent the diversity of our communities and invite into the public conversation people power tends to ignore.


Too often journalism fails to do that. I believe that’s part of why we as an institution have lost some credibility.

The new will work to treat everyone fairly and with dignity and respect. Across the ideological spectrum we have varying and sometimes conflicting views on what’s right for our families, communities, state and nation. Somehow, in this great experiment we call America, we have to reconcile those differences and find ways forward.

I believe the opinions of every person in our society have value. We all bring different experiences and unique worldviews to the table. It’s in struggling to understand each other and find common ground that we discover ways forward.

Sometimes that’s really difficult. A single parent using food stamps to feed the kids has a different reality than a retiree with a pension and a home that’s paid off.

Another example: Views about firearm laws may be different in an inner city, where police are nearby, than a rural ranch where a call to 911 won’t result in a quick response.

Somehow we have to work together in spite of our differences. aims to foster conversation among people with different realities and views. That includes Democrats, Republicans, independents, minor-party members and those who aren’t registered to vote. It includes gay people. It includes religious conservatives. It includes tea party members. And it includes immigrants without legal status who live in and are part of our communities nonetheless.

It includes you.

Some may not like everyone whose viewpoints presents. You certainly won’t agree with all of them. But you can know with confidence that your views will be treated fairly alongside those of others. And together we’ll sort through things and hopefully discover some common ground.

That’s my vision for this news organization and the work it does.

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