2015 funding

NMPolitics.net is funded primarily through advertising sponsorships and donations from people and organizations. We value government transparency and believe we should hold ourselves to the same standard. So, in accordance with our financial contributor policy, we disclose information about all advertising sponsorships and donations.

Thanks to all our sponsors and donors!

Advertising sponsors

Here’s a list of our 2015 advertising sponsors:

Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office
($15,000, advertiser from Dec. 1, 2015 to Nov. 30, 2016)

CHI St. Joseph’s Children
($2,500, sponsor from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016)

Help stop cougar trapping!
Animal Protection of New Mexico 
($1,500, sponsor from July 31 to Aug. 27, 2015)


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Steinborn & Associates Real Estate
($583.33, sponsor from June 1 to Dec. 31, 2015)

Ken Miyagishima
($462, sponsor from Oct. 7 to Dec. 1, 2015)


Here’s our year-to-date list of donors, which we keep updated as new donations come in:

Date of donationNameCity, stateAmount
3.23.15Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$5
3.23.15Norty KalishmanAlbuquerque, NM$100
3.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
3.23.15Laura AbbasiBrookline, MA$25
3.23.15Dianne GoodmanAlbuquerque, NM$25
3.23.15Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$20
3.24.15Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$50
3.24.15Roberta Salazar-HenryLas Cruces, NM$50
3.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
3.24.15Jan BrooksSanta Fe, NM$15
3.24.15Charlotte LipsonLas Cruces, NM$25
3.25.15Bruce MalottAlbuquerque, NM$200
3.25.15Kathie and Greg LennesLas Cruces, NM$25
3.25.15Jessica MurphyWilliamsburg, NM$10
3.25.15Leota HarrimanMoriarty, NM$10
3.25.15John L. Jones and Janice Arnold-JonesAlbuquerque, NM$250
3.25.15Chris RaySanta Fe, NM$100
3.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
3.26.15Allen StengerBoulder, CO$250
3.26.15William CorbettLas Cruces, NM$30
3.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
3.27.15Brandi McAlexanderFarmington, NM$50
3.27.15Jody CrowleyLas Cruces, NM$25
3.28.15Suzanne PrescottAlbuquerque, NM$200
3.30.15Fred WilliamsDeming, NM$60
3.31.15Sarah GustavusLas Cruces, NM$50
3.31.15Aaron Henry DiazAlbuquerque, NM$10
3.31.15Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$1,000
4.1.15Micah McCoyAlbuquerque, NM$10
4.1.15Harry TeagueHobbs, NM$999
4.1.15Arthur AlpertAlbuquerque, NM$25
4.1.15Steven MontañoLas Cruces, NM$25
4.1.15Mary Ellen CapekCorrales, NM$100
4.1.15Ona PorterAlbuquerque, NM$25
4.2.15William VaruolaFairacres, NM$25
4.2.15Susan FitzgeraldLas Cruces, NM$100
4.3.15Sandy BuffettSanta Fe, NM$75
4.3.15Michelle SpringerRio Rancho, NM$20
4.3.15Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$40
4.4.15Alyssa AgranatAlbuquerque, NM$50
4.6.15Black Sand Neuropsychological Services Inc.Hilo, HI$100
4.7.15Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$10
4.8.15Matt BrixMinneapolis, MN$100
4.8.15Richard AnklamAlbuquerque, NM$200
4.8.15Don KurtzLas Cruces, NM$150
4.8.15Cynthia HillAlbuquerque, NM$5
4.9.15Matthew RunnelsHobbs, NM$150
4.9.15Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$50
4.10.15Richard EedsSanta Fe, NM$50
4.13.15Aletta WilsonMesilla Park, NM$250
4.13.15J.T. PerezLas Cruces, NM$10
4.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
4.14.15Jim NoelCorrales, NM$200
4.14.15Jaima ChevalierSanta Fe, NM$25
4.15.15Jose MedinaAustin, TX$50
4.16.15James M. CollieAlbuquerque, NM$50
4.20.15Pat Bellestri-MartinezLas Cruces, NM$25
4.20.15John D. WatsonDoña Ana, NM$50
4.21.15Sarah NolanLas Cruces, NM$75
4.22.15Sonoma West Group ConsultingLas Cruces, NM$50
4.22.15Karyl Ann ArmbrusterLos Alamos, NM$25
4.23.15Tyler BentingDeming, NM$75
4.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM $10
4.23.15Tom MullinsFarmington, NM$50
4.23.15Bev CourtneyLas Cruces, NM$75
4.23.15Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$35
4.23.15Doug ChismRoswell, NM$25
4.23.15 Carrie HamblenLas Cruces, NM$70
4.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
4.25.15Erik Faye and Syvlia RunckLos Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM$50
4.25.15Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$10
4.25.15Stephanie and Adrian TellesPueblo, CO$20
4.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
4.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
4.27.15Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
4.28.15Matthew ArcoLawrenceville, NJ$40
4.30.15Matthew McQueenSanta Fe, NM$50
4.30.15Claudia AndersonFarmington, NM$5
5.1.15Ellen WedumCloudcroft, NM$10
5.1.15Jacob PomrenkeScottsdale, AZ$50
5.5.15Sandra WechslerSanta Fe, NM$50
5.6.15Martin KretzmannAlbuquerque, NM$25
5.7.15Jess WilliamsLas Cruces, NM$100
5.9.15Mary DolchAlbuquerque, NM$50
5.11.15Jessica MurphyWilliamsburg, NM$20
5.11.15Linda SiegleSanta Fe, NM$100
5.11.15John GriffithLas Cruces, NM$10
5.11.15Brian MooreClayton, NM$250
5.12.15Ricky and Emily LunaColumbia, MD$50
5.13.15Beverly SinglemanMesilla Park, NM$250
5.14.15Jan BrooksSanta Fe, NM$50
5.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM $10
5.14.15Nick and Erica VogesAlbuquerque, NM$100
5.14.15Raymond S. SigurdssonSan Francisco, CA$10
5.14.15Nancy BakerLas Cruces, NM$100
5.15.15Andrew WebbAlbuquerque, NM$50
5.15.15Jose FloresLas Cruces, NM $120
5.16.15James M. CollieAlbuquerque, NM$50
5.19.15Debra HaalandAlbuquerque, NM$25
5.20.15Linda PaffordSan Lorenzo, NM$10
5.20.15Jordan BanegasLas Cruces, NM$5
5.21.15Sonoma West Group ConsultingLas Cruces, NM$50
5.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
5.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
5.24.15Howie MoralesSilver City, NM$100
5.25.15Gregory Z. SmithLas Cruces, NM$20
5.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
5.26.15Tito MeyerLas Cruces, NM$100
5.26.15Xochitl TorresLas Cruces, NM$50
5.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
5.27.15Patricia GipsonLas Cruces, NM$50
5.27.15Chris RaySanta Fe, NM $100
5.29.15Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$100
6.1.15Magdaleno ManzanarezSilver City, NM$25
6.1.15Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
6.1.15Marjorie ChildressAlbuquerque, NM$25
6.2.15Algernon D'AmmassaDeming, NM$10
6.2.15Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
6.3.15Benjamin GabrielLas Cruces, NM$25
6.4.15ViAnn BeadleLas Cruces, NM$25
6.5.15Daniel MackeRio Rancho, NM$100
6.12.15Ricky and Emily LunaColumbia, MD$50
6.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
6.16.15James M. CollieAlbuquerque, NM$50
6.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
6.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
6.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
6.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
6.27.15Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
7.2.15Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
7.6.15Paul GarciaLas Cruces, NM$20
7.9.15Las Cruces Sun-NewsLas Cruces, NM$250
7.12.15Ricky and Emily LunaColumbia, MD$50
7.13.15Ken MiyagishimaLas Cruces, NM$100
7.13.15Joseph CervantesLas Cruces, NM $100
7.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
7.16.15James M. CollieAlbuquerque, NM$50
7.19.15Mickey CurtisLas Cruces, NM$15
7.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
7.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
7.24.15Scot KeyAlbuquerque, NM$25
7.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM $10
7.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM $20
8.1.15Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
8.2.15Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
8.6.15Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
8.12.15Ricky and Emily LunaColumbia, MD$50
8.13.15Michael SwickardLas Cruces, NM$250
8.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
8.16.15James M. CollieAlbuquerque, NM$50
8.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
8.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
8.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
8.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
8.27.15Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
9.1.15Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
9.2.15Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
9.3.15Jessica MurphyWilliamsburg, NM$20
9.3.15Jody CrowleyLas Cruces, NM$10
9.3.15Niccie CrespinLas Cruces, NM$20
9.3.15Amber WallinAlbuquerque, NM$30
9.3.15Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
9.6.15Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
9.9.15Virginia ScharffAlbuquerque, NM$100
9.12.15Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
9.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
9.21.15Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$100
9.21.15Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
9.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
9.23.15Grant TaylorHobbs, NM$500
9.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
9.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
9.27.15Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
9.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
9.27.15Bernice BacaSanta Fe, NM$10
10.1.15Fred NathanSanta Fe, NM$100
10.1.15Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
10.1.15Jerry NachisonLas Cruces, NM$30
10.2.15Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
10.3.15Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
10.5.15Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
10.6.15Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
10.8.15David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
10.9.15Robert CoppedgeMesilla Park, NM$25
10.12.15Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
10.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
10.17.15Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
10.21.15Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
10.21.15Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
10.22.15Dianne GoodmanAlbuquerque, NM$20
10.22.15Mark CoreySanta Fe, NM$20
10.22.15Bill SnodgrassBullhead City, AZ$25
10.22.15Sarah SilvafierroLas Cruces, NM$200
10.22.15Ben LewingerAlbuquerque, NM$50
10.22.15Dylan PellAlbuquerque, NM$10
10.23.15Claudia PiperLa Mesa, NM$50
10.23.15Earl JamesSanta Fe, NM$25
10.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
10.23.15Deana BakerLas Cruces, NM$30
10.23.15Mary and Jim DudleyAlbuquerque, NM$50
10.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
10.24.15Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
10.24.15Micaela CadenaAlbuquerque, NM$50
10.25.15Bruce KrasnowSanta Fe, NM$150
10.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
10.26.15Jack Rokowski EnterprisesLas Cruces, NM$50
10.26.15Mike JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$500
10.26.15Charlotte LipsonLas Cruces, NM$30
10.26.15Arthur AlpertAlbuquerque, NM$20
10.26.15Harry TeagueHobbs, NM$1,000
10.26.15Del HansenLas Cruces, NM$80
10.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
10.27.15Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
10.27.15Brian MooreClayton, NM$250
10.27.15Richard RuddyAlbuquerque, NM$50
10.27.15Allen StengerBoulder, CO$250
10.30.15Peter OssorioLas Cruces, NM$100
10.30.15Carol PittmanDatil, NM$10
10.30.15Susan SelbinAlbuquerque, NM$15
10.30.15Sharon SmockLas Cruces, NM$25
10.30.15Dianne GoodmanAlbuquerque, NM$5
11.1.15Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
11.1.15Susan FitzgeraldLas Cruces, NM$100
11.2.15Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
11.3.15Roberta Salazar-HenryLas Cruces, NM$25
11.3.15Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
11.3.15Dale MyersLas Cruces, NM$15
11.4.15Brandi McAlexanderFarmington, NM$25
11.4.15Bernie DigmanLas Cruces, NM$300
11.4.15Carl and Penny BaldwinSanta Fe, NM$200
11.5.15J.T. PerezLas Cruces, NM$25
11.5.15Jerry SchickedanzLas Cruces, NM$25
11.6.15Robert MoriartyNew York, NM$25
11.6.15Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
11.6.15Charles MacQuiggAlbuquerque, NM$50
11.8.15David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
11.8.15Linda PaffordSan Lorenzo, NM$10
11.9.15Jody CrowleyLas Cruces, NM$25
11.10.15Max MastelloneLas Cruces, NM $50
11.10.15Bev CourtneyLas Cruces, NM$5
11.11.15W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
11.12.15Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
11.12.15Susan JoanisLas Cruces, NM$50
11.13.15John L. Jones and Janice Arnold-JonesAlbuquerque, NM$250
11.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
11.17.15Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
11.21.15Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
11.21.15Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
11.22.15Mark GruenAlbuquerque, NM$10
11.22.15Maggie Hart StebbinsAlbuquerque, NM$100
11.23.15John LandrumLas Cruces, NM$10
11.24.15Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
11.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
11.25.15Linda SiegleSanta Fe, NM$100
11.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM $10
11.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
12.1.15John Whitbeck$5
12.1.15Joe CardilloAlbuquerque, NM$10
12.2.15Melanie EastwoodAlbuquerque, NM$5
12.2.15Alexander CotoiaMesilla, NM$25
12.3.15Peter VorisLas Cruces, NM$10
12.3.15Suzan DavisAlbuquerque, NM$20
12.6.15Jeannette SmythRio Rancho, NM$10
12.8.15David MorganLas Cruces, NM$5
12.8.15Patricia McNeillSanta Fe, NM$100
12.10.15Bev CourtneyLas Cruces, NM$5
12.10.15Cyndy RoyLas Cruces, NM$25
12.11.15Vickie ConnallyLoving, NM$5
12.11.15W.T. Barnhouse IIILa Union, NM$10
12.11.15Nancy GallowayAlbuquerque, NM$30
12.11.15Soledad Pizana-ArreolaMesquite, NM$10
12.11.15Jessica JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$25
12.11.15April FletcherTijeras, NM$10
12.11.15Black Sand Neuropsychological Services, IncHilo, HI$100
12.11.15Linda McCamleyLas Cruces, NM$25
12.12.15Ricky and Emily LunaLas Cruces, NM$50
12.13.15Marla CooperLas Cruces, NM$50
12.14.15Sophie MartinAlbuquerque, NM$10
12.15.15Paul AngelLas Cruces, NM$10
12.17.15Algernon D'AmmassaDeming, NM$10
12.17.15Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$5
12.17.15Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$75
12.17.15Brian ColónAlbuquerque, NM$5
12.17.15Heather BalasAlbuquerque, NM$100
12.18.15Mari LangfordLas Cruces, NM$50
12.18.15Dede FeldmanAlbuquerque, NM$50
12.20.15Elisa CundiffLas Cruces, NM$5
12.21.15Bryant FurlowAlbuquerque, NM$20
12.21.15Tom JohnsonSanta Fe, NM$5
12.21.15Jerry SchickedanzLas Cruces, NM$25
12.21.15Ray PittmanDatil, NM$10
12.22.15Mark GruenAlbuquerque, NM$10
12.24.15Emanuele CorsoPeñasco, NM$5
12.24.15Cindy MadridSocorro, NM$3
12.26.15Angelica RubioLas Cruces, NM$10
12.27.15Tom and Lisa MurphyLas Cruces, NM$20
12.28.15Denise TessierCedar Crest, NM$20
12.30.15Beverly SinglemanMesilla Park, NM$200
12.31.15Dianne GoodmanAlbuquerque, NM$20
12.31.15Carl and Penny BaldwinSanta Fe, NM$100

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