Two recent polls have Heinrich ahead

Heather Wilson, left, and Martin Heinrich

Heather Wilson, left, and Martin Heinrich

Two recent polls give Democrat Martin Heinrich a lead over Republican Heather Wilson in the race to replace Jeff Bingaman in the U.S. Senate, the New Mexico Telegram is reporting.

From the Telegram:

“A poll conducted by an outfit called We Ask America shows Heinrich has a 51 percent to 42 percent lead over Heather Wilson. This is the first poll to show that Heinrich’s lead is outside the margin of error. We Ask America is a subsidiary of the Illinois Manufacturer’s Association. Nate Silver of the New York Times says the pollster ‘often shows Republican-leaning results.’

“This poll also showed Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 51 percent to 40 percent.

“A poll conducted on behalf of environmental groups which support Martin Heinrich shows Heinrich leading Heather Wilson 49 percent to 45 percent. The poll, by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz and Associates, also shows that Wilson’s favorability ratings have dropped in recent weeks, as campaign ads have begun airing on both sides.”

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5 thoughts on “Two recent polls have Heinrich ahead

  1. Some very good points Mr. Goodenow.  Heinrich is now basking in the tens of millions spent by his rich, trust baby Enviro-lobbyists like Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, and Defenders of Wildlife.  These tacky and tawdry attack ads run day and night, and show no signs of abating.  People know he is in the pocket of the enviro-lobby and unions they have bought and paid for him and own him.  The problem is that because of the ads he is being perceived as anti-business, anti-free enterprise, and pro-big government.  I suspect the right wing will soon start running ads as well, this will be a nasty, despicable race showing all the bad sides of politics (if there is a good side at all) in our polarized society, just making things worse.  The attack ads will try to indicate a distinct idealogical choice here, but in my opinion, the choice is far from distinct.

  2. First, it’s early, and this race has not even really begun yet. Everyone took some well-deserved time off to regroup after the June 5 primary, so it’s just starting now.

    Not a big lead considering Tom Udall was always 20 points ahead of Steve Pearce in the months leading up to the 2008 election.

    And the polls are suspect in this race anyway, as Hector Balderas finished 16 points higher against Martin Heinrich on June 5 than the last poll showed Balderas running.

    Point being that Martin Heinrich and all those of us who support him are going to have to earn this U.S. Senate seat. It will not be handed to him. He needs to lay out a clear vision for the future of our country and tell us what he’ll do especially on education (where he’s been silent for his entire public career), closing the deficit, and jobs and the economy. Job fairs are nice, but he needs a real economic agenda – a real approach for creating high-paying jobs in America and in New Mexico.

    He’ll need to hold his own or win the televised debates against Heather Wilson — something no Democrat has ever done before. All his canned answers at the June 3 debate do not give us a lot of hope that he’ll perform well in the Fall debates.

    We simply cannot be complacent. Martin Heinrich has not yet shown himself to be an exceptional candidate for U.S. Senate yet other than being a prolific fundraiser, which is a necessary first step to winning but not the whole show. He is a potential intelligent and far-sighted and bold and pragmatic national statesman with viable solutions to our nation’s problems. He needs to show voters his depth as a leader again and again, and for the first 15 months of this contest he hasn’t bothered to do that cuz he was too busy fundraising and too cautious.

    If he runs a good race the next four months in January we’ll see Senator Martin Heinrich take the oath of office and become the Senate’s number one champion of clean energy and wilderness preservation and a champion of Native Americans and of veterans. He also be a voice of reason on Defense and national security matters. But that’s not quite enough. We also need to know that he really understands our nation’s economic and fiscal challenges and that he will be a leading national champion of rapid progress on job creation, business development, and economic competitiveness for America and for New Mexico in these challenging economic times. And we need to know he’ll do something about the deficit in the U.S. Senate, like be part of getting rid of it entirely. 

    Martin Heinrich may think caution is a winning strategy, but in 2012 caution may not be rewarded by voters at all. Bold and visionary leadership with real solutions to our nation’s economic and fiscal problems is more likely to carry the day on November 6th.

  3. It is really joke to hear a TV ad describe Ms. Heather Wilson as an “independent voice.” She served on the Board of Karl Rove’s SUPER PAC – American Crossroads. This republican attack group gave Ms. Wilson $250,000.  Maybe New Mexicans know that she is a political hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!! American Crossroads will have to fork up more money for Ms. Wilson.