Obama to visit Carlsbad this week

President Barack Obama, shown here campaigning in Las Cruces in 2008.

President Barack Obama, shown here campaigning in Las Cruces in 2008. (Photo by Heath Haussamen)

President Barack Obama will make a stop in Carlsbad on Wednesday as part of a trip across America to highlight his energy policy.

The Albuquerque Journal has the story:

“On Wednesday, Obama will visit an oil and gas field located on federal lands near Carlsbad, the White House told the Journal today. Further details of the president’s New Mexico visit have not been released.

“White House officials have fired up a new publicity campaign they’ve dubbed ‘All of the Above’ to highlight Obama’s energy policies in the face of rapidly rising gas prices. Obama is concerned that high energy costs could derail a recovering American economy and hurt him at the polls in November.”

The trip comes as the U.S. House is prepared to assault Obama over rising gas prices this week. The GOP presidential candidates have been doing the same.

22 thoughts on “Obama to visit Carlsbad this week

  1. IP you are correct, drilling and production “increases” do not directly impact the gasoline at the pump price.  In many ways, Americans have complicated and voided “supply and demand”.  There are arguably other good reasons to increase domestic oil production besides pump prices.  The Obama administration can rightfully claim they aren’t so much to blame for the price of gas at the pump but neither should they make the case they have acted to keep the price down.

  2. Stever is actually right about that; production now is about thirty percent less than it was at its peak in 1985.  However, qofdisks does come by the stated misconception honestly.  Domestic oil production actually did continue its long trend of gradually-decreased output throughout the last administration, and it was not until the current administration that the trend has reversed (domestic numbers are now back up to those we were showing in early 2002).  It should be noted, however, that there is absolutely zero demonstrable mathematical correlation between domestic production and gas prices; production right now is exactly the same as it was when gas was less than $1/gallon, and before anyone points out how much of that we export, it should be noted that we are actually exporting less than half as much now as we were then.

  3. “This nation is drilling more under the Obama administration than ever.”

    Not true, rog count is not anywhere close to historic highs.

  4. Energy policy?  What energy policy?
    As Congressman, Eric Griego will fight for a pro-environment agenda to:

    Move beyond coal and oil.  Invest in clean renewable energy.
    Support a science-based solution to global climate change.
    Promote smart growth, green buildings and low-carbon transportation.
    Promote air and water quality standards.
    Conserve wilderness and wildlife.  

    It’s a bit vague, but it’s a whole lot better than:
    New Mexico’s abundant energy resources hold the promise of true economic development for the state and the nation. My knowledge of energy issues, as an industry executive, makes me uniquely qualified to represent New Mexico on this issue.
    Our nation already has the solutions to our energy needs. Domestic oil, natural gas, coal, wind, solar and nuclear resources will power America and create jobs for New Mexico and the rest of the country. In Congress, I’ll work to enable job creation in New Mexico’s energy industry, fight-off harmful legislation like cap-and-trade and ensure that we have a true energy policy.
    Which is also vague, except where it’s clearly wrong.

  5. Energy policy?  What energy policy? I’ve yet to see anything adequate to the name emerge from DC over the last 30 years.   Subsidies, tax loopholes and price supports for a long established, and insanely profitable, industry who’s filthy strangled hold on our economy and investment, and foreign policies is ultimately doomed by their own successful extractions of non-renwable high carbon putrefaction?   I don’t call that an energy policy.   

  6. Actually, Stever, pols from both sides are paid off by Wall Street speculators.  Make no mistake about that.  Both sides are to blame for not regulating speculation.  The Republicans are just more likely to admit that they are on the side of predatory capitalism.  This nation is drilling more under the Obama administration than ever.

  7. Thanks IP, I have Mac Lion OS X 10.7.3, it came on the new MacBookAir when I got it a few months ago.  Apples are odd things and difficult to understand, after I have been using PCs since they came out in 1982 or so.

  8. Forgive me I must correct my mistypes: they should read duly elected President Obama tried to put alternatives in place and definitely got more domestic oil drilled.

  9. Hear Ye Hear Ye! – the facts of the matter are Bin Laden is dead, the Gulf of Mexico is still a disaster due to oil companies, the gas prices are up because of unregulated unscrupulous traders and oil companies, illegally invaded Iraq is still a mess, Bush and Cheney are avoiding foreign travel for fear of criminal war crime charges, and the citizenry is being tempted because they continually are reminded that crime pays and is generally unprosecuted.

    We all knew the gas prices were gonna get jacked up partially because of election year politics, AT LEAST duly elected President Obama tried to alternatives in place and definitely go more domestic oil drilled.

    Reality is when it happens to you. Lets hope it doesn’t come in the form of a globally warmed tornado.

  10. stever, sorry for the misspellings of your name, this stupid new Mac with the auto-correct feature is hard to work with and not as “smart” as it thinks it is.

  11. True steer, and today marks 1042 days since a budget was passed by Congress and the Prez, all this is the Repubs fault?  Where was the budget when Obama had a super majority?  They just can’t get anything done in DC.

  12. Hemmingway, as you are well aware, the budget process is very complex and politically charged.  You can’t excuse the Obama Administration’s failure to act as solely the republican’s fault.  At best, its a failure of both parties to act.  I’m willing to say that.  Are you?

  13. Last year  the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman, Gary Gensler, declared that “huge inflows of speculative money create a self-fulfilling prophecy that drives up commodity prices.”
    The Commission received more legislated authority to police these Wall Street speculators, but key Republican members of Congress refused to give him a budget to, in his words, “be a more effective cop on the beat.” Republican  campaign budgets are being filled by campaign contributions from those very same Wall Street gamblers. We  the people pay and pay at the pump while gas spectulators drive up the price.
    Under the president’s fiscal 2013 budget request, the Commission would have received $308 million in funding, up from the $205 million in 2012. Republicans in the House say “NO”

  14. “So Republicans are just protecting these speculators”

    Really?  Do republicans control the Commodity Futures Trading Commission?  Does Harry Reid or President Obama have any control?  Wall Street gives plenty (perhaps more) in campaign contributions to democrats than republicans.  Lets just say, politicians are unwilling to deal with them, so as not to come across as so foolish to blame one side or the other.


  15. From the news reports, this was a highly restricted, tightly scripted, and externally cast photo-op with supporters bused in from ABQ and Santa Fe.  Guess they could find none in SE NM.

  16. This is crazy – recently Wall Street invented “commodity index funds” that have poured some $400 billion into speculating in commodities including gas. Anyone with an ounce of brainpower would realize that excessive speculation in commodity markets is needlessly driving up gas prices. Speculators are about 70 percent of activity in many commodity markets and commercial hedgers only about 30 percent. So Republicans are just protecting these speculators and blame President Obama. This is the problem.

  17. Greedy gas speculators are hard at work driving up gas prices thru futures contracts. Gas demand is in fact the lowest since April 1997 according to the Oil Price Information Service. Yet none of Republicans talk about the speculators. They simple-mindlessly blame President Obama.

  18. Something tells me The Prez will not be very welcome in that area, given his record of actions to hurt the industry and his left wing philosophy of making them the villains of all things wrong in America.  I do hope the protestors are not ignored by the press.

  19. Obama is to the right of Reagan and Nixon and the Republicans have gone crazy.

     It has previously been reported that Obama had offered to John Boehner to make a series of cuts to Medicare, Social Security, and the domestic budget, to reduce top-end tax rates, and to prevent the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, in return for increasing tax revenue (over current tax levels) by about $800 billion over ten years. That is a pitiful sum of new revenue, less than half as much as recommended by deficit proposals by Bowles-Simpson, the Bipartisan Policy Center, and other bipartisan worthies. The blockbuster fact in the Post’s report, which the story does not in any way grapple with, is that even the $800 billion in tax revenue offered by Boehner was not, in fact, $800 billion in tax revenue:

    In Boehner’s offer Friday night, the taxes came with strings attached. The Republicans wanted Obama to give up plans to raise the tax rate paid by the wealthiest Americans, now set at 35 percent. Instead, they wanted that rate to go down. They also wanted to preserve low rates for investment income — one of the biggest perks for the wealthy in the tax code — and establish a blanket exemption from U.S. taxes for corporate profits earned overseas.