Barela might run for Congress again


Jon Barela

Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela, who ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2010, is thinking about running again next year.

The Mountain View Telegraph has the scoop:

“Even though Jon Barela was at the first meeting of the newly formed Sandia Tea Party as the secretary-designate of the state’s Economic Development Department, he sure sounded like a candidate.

“… After his speech, Barela demurred when asked if he was considering another run for Congress. Barela was defeated by Rep. Martin Heinrich in 2010 for the right to represent New Mexico’s First Congressional District.

“‘We’re looking at it,’ was all Barela would say about another run.”

On the Republican side in the race to replace Heinrich in the House, Albuquerque City Councilor Dan Lewis is running, and former gubernatorial candidate and state Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones of Albuquerque has formed an exploratory committee.

On the Democratic side, State Sen. Eric Griego is running, and Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chávez is considering entering the race. So is Terry Brunner, U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s former state director who now heads USDA Rural Development in New Mexico.

Sources say former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, who had been considering the race, isn’t going to run.

Heinrich is giving up the seat to run for U.S. Senate.

4 thoughts on “Barela might run for Congress again

  1. I hope just one any one of the would be candidates makes ending political corruption the focus of their entire campaign platform. It is time New Mexico, the gig is almost up.

    Think about it politicians, this could put you in Office.

  2. Well if Barela is going to run, I assume Governor Martinez is going to tell us he has no duties anymore like she did to John Sanchez. And will Senator Hardin demand he resigns today?

  3. Are you kidding me Janice Arnold Jones? I almost feel sorry for her. I wish she would do something else because I know she is a nice woman and seems smart. A little more pride and a little less delusion. But I guess this is like many politicians.