Nuñez says he has the votes to blast driver’s license bill


Rep. Andy Nuñez, I-Hatch

Rep. Andy Nuñez, I-Hatch, says he has the votes to pull his bill that would outlaw giving driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants out of a committee where it has been tabled for consideration on the House floor.

“I’ve got enough votes to get it out,” he said about House Bill 78.

The House just convened. You can listen live here.

Nuñez said Democrats asked him to allow them to caucus behind closed doors before he makes the attempt to blast the bill out of the Consumer and Public Affairs Committee and to the floor. So expect a brief recess before this all plays out.

4 thoughts on “Nuñez says he has the votes to blast driver’s license bill

  1. Las Crucen:

    Rogi said “further criminalizing”. Word choice matters. Please learn how to comprehend such things before saying baseless demeaning statements towards others.

  2. It is funny that this bill was introduced by Nunez considering he is from the Chili capital of the state and the majority of the pickers are “migrant farm workers” AKA illegals.

  3. Criminalizing them? You mean the criminals who broke the law? Wow, what a perverted view of criminals.

  4. Thanks for further criminalizing some of the hardest working, least dangerous people in the state! You can be so proud! Do you think most wouldn’t go home to live, if they could actually earn a living?! Do YOU want their jobs: scrubbing toilets, working in hot fields, getting mangled in factories?