Common Cause says complaint against guv isn’t partisan attack


Gov. Susana Martinez

Gov. Susana Martinez alleges that a complaint from two groups that she violated campaign finance law by using campaign funds to lobby the Legislature is a partisan attack.

One of those groups, Common Cause, says that’s ridiculous.

“Common Cause has a history of, in this type of circumstance, filing complaints against both parties, so the idea stated in the governor’s letter that this is purely a partisan attack – at least from Common Cause’s perspective that is not true,” said Common Cause Executive Director Steven Robert Allen.

He was referring to a letter the Republican governor’s campaign attorney, Paul Kienzle, sent to the secretary of state in response to the complaints. In the letter, Kienzle wrote that the complaint came from “partisan special interest groups who are attempting to misuse the complaint process and silence the First Amendment rights of persons with whom they do not agree.”

Read the letter here.

As an example of Common Cause filing a complaint against a Democrat, Allen pointed to the group’s complaint – and additional work with the Attorney General’s Office – in the case against Public Regulation Commissioner Jerome Block Jr., who is facing felony charges related to abuses of the state’s public financing system.


In the case of Martinez, Common Cause and Somos Un Pueblo Unido filed complaints in response to the governor’s using campaign funds to pay for radio ads pushing lawmakers to approve legislation would make it illegal for undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. On Thursday, Secretary of State Dianna Duran ruled that Martinez didn’t violate the Campaign Reporting Act, arguing that the ads “promote the governor’s issues and ideas, and that the promotion of such issues and ideas are a standard campaign activity.”

Allen said that’s an extremely broad interpretation of the law that “makes that section of the act functionally meaningless.” He said he doesn’t see how lobbying activity two months into the governor’s tenure can be construed as part of her 2014 re-election campaign.

At the same time, Allen said, “I don’t want to overstate the violation,” which would be punishable by a fine.

“I think the small civil fine outlined in the act would be appropriate for this, but I do think the act needs to be enforced and I think that’s the secretary of state’s job,” he said.

Duran suggested that former Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democrat, engaged in lobbying activity similar to Martinez’s with campaign funds. Allen said his group didn’t know about such activity by Richardson until Duran brought it up on Thursday.

A prior version of this posting incorrectly reported Allen’s final quote as, “I think the small civil fine outlawed in the act would be appropriate for this, but I do think the act needs to be enforced and I think that’s the secretary of state’s job.”

8 thoughts on “Common Cause says complaint against guv isn’t partisan attack

  1. Well said gm, it does irritate the most left wing fringe people the most and I have never figured out what sets them off. As a Democrat, I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me. However, I try not to utilize the term you reject. I find it is quite easy to describe, debate, and converse using “Democrat” without using the other objectionable term. Some people can discuss and debate without obsessing over ever word, I find that is when true undersatnding and communications occur, perhaps some could care less about that.

  2. I love the fact that SOS Duran suggested that Richardson did the same thing. Isn’t that why people voted for Susana? Because she was not going to run the state the way Richardson did? That NM was tired of the Richardson/Dennish tactics in government?

  3. gm:

    Consider it force-of-habit; I make a living telling politicians how not to sound like idiots. If you wish to sound uneducated and thus have most people dismiss your arguments before you’ve even made them, that’s your own business.

    “The Greek” has spoken.

  4. Greek—–I use the term Democrat Party deliberately…..gets under the skin of some….u really shouldn’t be telling people what to do……

  5. gm:

    It’s Democratic Party. They’re called adjectives; please learn how to use them.

    As for any admission from Common Cause, are Crossroads GPS, CPAC, the Tea Party Patriots, the Rio Grande Foundation, the NRA, Newsmax, Fox News, the Cato Institute, the Koch Associate Program, and the Free Republic all going to announce themselves as wings of the Republican Party at the same time? If you’re incapable of seeing the world as anything more than black-and-white (while trying to debate politics, of all things), you’re going to continue coming across as rather foolish…

  6. I’d have more respect for Common Cause if they simply admitted they are a wing of the Democrat Party……

  7. “Common Cause says complaint against guv isn’t partisan attack” LOL!!!!!!