Donations top $3K; fundraising continues


Heath Haussamen

In just two weeks, 31 people have contributed a combined $3,095 to help keep going. If you haven’t yet made a financial contribution, I’m asking you to do so today.

Individuals, businesses, political committees, nonprofits and other groups can contribute to by visiting

Those who have already given have helped reach 26 percent of its goal of raising $12,000 by April 30. That includes actual, one-time contributions and estimates of donations over the next year from people who have signed up to make monthly contributions.

I’m grateful for the support of those of you who have given. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Keeping going requires a community effort. If you haven’t yet made a donation, I hope you’re reading this because you believe this site is playing an important role in New Mexico, and that you are willing to support it by becoming a financial contributor.

You can make a one-time contribution in any amount or sign up to make automatic, monthly contributions of $10 or $20. Those who sign up to make monthly contributions or give a one-time contribution of at least $120 will receive a monthly newsletter containing exclusive analysis and interesting tidbits about what’s happening in New Mexico and news about

Would you also be willing to send an e-mail asking friends, family members, coworkers or others to give a few bucks? What about posting a message on your Facebook or Twitter page? You can direct people to to make a contribution.

Thanks again for your support! Questions? E-mail me at

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