Nuñez would have voted for Taylor over Luján


Rep. Andy Nuñez, D-Hatch

After a bipartisan coalition to oust House Speaker Ben Luján fell apart on Tuesday, Rep. Andy Nuñez, D-Hatch, refused to cast a vote for speaker, instead saying “present” when he was asked to vote.

Had he cast a vote, Nuñez told it would have been for Minority Leader Tom Taylor, R-Farmington, not Luján, a Democrat from Nambé. He said if he believed his vote would have helped Taylor win, he would have been willing to cross the aisle to get Luján out of the leadership position.

But there was no point, he said.

“I couldn’t vote for Luján,” Nuñez said. “And I knew that Taylor didn’t have the votes.”

Nuñez was the most outspoken Democrat involved in the coalition that tried to round up the votes to make Joseph Cervantes, D-Las Cruces, the new speaker. The coalition fell apart Monday night under the weight of politics.

5 thoughts on “Nuñez would have voted for Taylor over Luján

  1. Nunez has sponsored and tried to get some very onerous CO2 emissions type bills passed during the last 60 day session. They all died, thank goodness, but his environmental opinions are definitely left wing, not conservative and pro-business.

  2. Just to build on Wedum – Andy Nunez is a good and honorable man bound by honor and duty to do what he thinks is right – and it has cost him. He is a true conservative Democrat … he supported Lujan four years ago, he observed the problems with Lujans dictatorial rule first hand and concluded it needed to be changed. I am proud of him. And ‘Student’ – “Harvey” is a puka rabbit – doubt he’d be tie anyone to an oil well and flog’em. And using ‘roughnecks’ to control the ranks – you might ask Bengie Regensberg (D-Mora) about how the Speaker sends messages to those who get out of line … he had several bones broken, was hauled to the Round House in the middle of the night, half naked and in need of medical attention, in response to a call of the House, and then was denied entry to the House floor because he wasn’t properly dressed. It is an interesting story.

    As for ‘tighter party control’ – both major parties abhor independent thought.

  3. jUNMs, Nunez likes his party, he likes his fellow Democrat Cervantes, he doesn’t like Lujan. If you DON’T like tighter control, why are you critical of Nunez?

  4. Every vote in the House this year would becomes 37-34 (this year, and ditto for the Feds), we’ll know its time to save a bunch of money and just elect paper weights with a D or R stamped on them. Sure, the party leaders just need toadies to chant the mantra and do what they’re told, but god bless the independent thinkers, mavericks, and moderates of all stripes.

  5. Maybe he should pull an Arlan Specter if he does not like his party, then he can run as a republican in the primary and lose his seat. Republicans are making strides because of tighter party control. If you get out of line ol’ Harvey will have you tied to an oil well and flogged. Democrats dont have the oil wells or the roughnecks to control their ranks.