Sowards announces candidacy for Senate


Greg Sowards campaigning for Congress in 2008. (Photo by Heath Haussamen)

Former congressional candidate Greg Sowards of Las Cruces announced today that he’s running in 2012 for the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Jeff Bingaman.

Here’s the statement Sowards released about why he’s running:

“The most pressing fight of our time involves the question: What will be the national atmosphere that our children’s children will live under? Will they have the liberty to experience and learn from those endearing lessons that freedom affords? Or, will they be deprived of that opportunity through governmental intervention and the squandering of their resources by shortsighted politicians?

“It is those questions that compel me to step forward and offer myself, my values and the conservative principles on which I will base any action in Washington.”

Sowards, a Republican, has been active in recent years in the Las Cruces T.E.A. Party, but he also attends meetings of the Progressive Voter Alliance to engage in dialogue with people who often disagree with him on issues.

Some might remember Sowards because of the campaign slogan he used when he ran for congress in 2008 – short, bald and honest. He won 17 percent of the vote but lost the five-way GOP primary that year to Ed Tinsley, who went on to lose the race to Democrat Harry Teague. Sowards spent several hundred thousand dollars of his own money on that race.


He also ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners later that year.

Bingaman hasn’t announced whether he will seek another term in 2012, but he held a fundraiser last month and raised about $400,000. His spokesman says he’s expected to announce his plans in March.

Another candidate

One other candidate has entered the 2012 Senate race, William S. English of Alamogordo. On his blog, English wrote in August that President Barack Obama is “ what literally amounts to an African dictator who could care even less about the people he is supposed to be governing than about his own comforts and abilities to live off the sweat of All Americans.”

He wrote in July about what he believes the “perfect ending” to Obama’s tenure would be: “Drop dead in front of Congress while accepting the responsibility for your stupidity and let us get on with fixing the problems you created.”

8 thoughts on “Sowards announces candidacy for Senate

  1. @Bill Englsih
    Joe Monahan is the Hedda Hopper of New Mexican politics.
    I kind of like his style but give no credence to his credibility as a bone fide journalist..
    He remains the equivalent of Rex Reed reviewing movies.
    Don’t worry – no one I have talked to takes him seriously. Nor does his opinion have any impact on election outcomes.

  2. Well at least you have the courage to allow comments on your blog. Monahan doesn’t even have guts enough to put in the proper email. You might want to go and read my blog again.

    Despite what you may believe I am not one of those nuts and morons that always seem to pop out of the wood work around election time to tout some weird philosophy or viewpoint. I believe in America and its greatness, and I believe in the Constitution of the United States and have since before Tea Party’s became fashionable. But! I also believe in
    New Mexico and it seems to me that its time that our elected politicians start telling the people of the state the truth, and get off their back sides and start working toward making things better for the state. Monahan called me a Gadfly. He hasn’t learned the true meaning of the word yet.

    Very Kind Regards,
    Bill English

  3. It feels like a lot of folks in politics will just tell you what you want to hear rather than tell you what they believe. One thing Sowards does have going for him is that he is willing to take his ideas before people who probably won’t agree with him. I remember seeing him do this in a small setting. He was polite and well-spoken. Many of the people he spoke to responded by being rude, nasty, and closed-minded. I do not personally agree with Sowards’ views on many things, but there is something to be said for being willing to engage in civil dialogue.

  4. I’m a republican too, and am tired of “politicians.” Its nice to see a business/family man running, because good business is going to get us out of this mess.

    Congressmen like Joe Skeen put us where we are today, Sowards stood for ideas in 1996 that everyone is standing on now.

    Sowards has my vote.

  5. Well, my vote, if I were gonna vote in the Republican Primary, would obviously be for that enlightened William English dude. He really just lays it all out there and calls it like he sees it. 😉

  6. He keeps on runnin’ and he keeps on loosin’. You forgot to mention he ran against Joe Skeen. What kind of Republican does that? He recently asked a friend and me to max out to his campaign. I didn’t give him a dime but I gave him this advice: get the message and stop embarrassing yourself and the GOP!