Newman elected state GOP chairman


Monty Newman (Photo by Heath Haussamen)

Republicans picked former Hobbs Mayor Monty Newman today to become the new chairman of the state GOP.

“2010 was a good year for Republicans, but there is still a lot of work to be done,” Newman said in a news release. “I am honored to have earned the privilege to lead the party as we look forward to 2012, and I am committed to working alongside the Republicans we elected in 2009 and 2010 to increase party membership, recruit talented candidates, and ensure we continue to elect Republicans both locally and nationally.”

Newman defeated Nina Martinez, currently the Republican Party of New Mexico’s first vice chair, for the position.

Newman, a realtor, is a former congressional candidate and former vice president of the National Association of Realtors.  He had the backing of Gov.-elect Susana Martinez, Congressman-elect Steve Pearce and other GOP officials.


In addition to electing Newman, the GOP’s state central committee also elected the following officers to serve a 2-year term beginning Sunday:

  • First vice chair – John Billingsley of Alto
  • Second vice chair – Robert Perea of Albuquerque
  • CD1 vice chair – Rick Abraham of Albuquerque
  • CD2 vice chair – Alice Eppers of Roswell
  • CD3 vice chair – Rube Render of Clovis
  • Secretary – Peter Shams-Avari of Albuquerque
  • Treasurer – Bill Redmond of Los Alamos

5 thoughts on “Newman elected state GOP chairman

  1. Oh, I didn’t realize it was a “rumor”. We on the SCC should be calling out Harvey Yates and his staff for keeping this a “secret”.

    here is what I said, without the so called “rumor”.

    I ended up voting for Monty after talking with him, although I think Nina has done a fine job and is a wonderful hardworking person. Monty did ask me for my vote yesterday and based on the answers to my questions I felt he could do a good job for 2012.

    Boy he really had to work it though. It was obvious to me and others that Susana and Pearce were keeping their distance and not asking people outright to vote for Monty since they did not want to be embarrassed by a loss. They probably regret that the political consultants talked them into sending that letter to us central committee members. Guess he thought it was going to be a slam dunk, but it sure wasn’t.

    I guess the message out of this meeting is that Susana Martinez doesn’t quite have the juice yet to make demands on the party. All those presidential contenders might want to take notice if they are expecting her to deliver the state for them because I don’t think she can do it alone. Arrogant Richardson thought he had the influence in 2004 but he couldn’t deliver NM for John Kerry. Susana, please don’t be arrogant cause it will cost all of us!

    The smart one out of all of this is Heather Wilson. She wisely stayed on the sidelines. There’s a woman that can’t be pushed around and manipulated and we need her back in Washington!

  2. Sorry, everyone – I’ve deleted some comments I shouldn’t have published in the first place about what percentage Newman received and what percentage Martinez received. These numbers were not released publicly, and publishing anything is spreading rumors…

  3. The GOP in New Mexico made gains in 2010, no doubt, but it is still a very margaialized party based in the south and southeast parts of the state. The GOP has gone too, too far to the right. The main reason they made gains in 2010 is for the same reason the Democrats made gains in 2008. THE BAD ECONOMY! Voters are looking for someone to pull us out of this mess.

  4. It just goes to show that it is still the party of the Oil Rich White Males. If they cared so much about including the latin voter into their circle of wealth, they would have elected another female hispanic. Maybe be it is just a catch phrase, like hope and Change, it does not mean anything but it sure sounds good.

  5. Well, i’m finally back at home after a long day in Albuquerque. I really hope Monty Newman shows that he is an independent person. It would be terrible if he becomes corrupted by the members of the Republican GROUP, as they are called. Many of us are wondering if the political consultants that helped Monty (and Susanna) win will be rewarded with contracts.