Police called to remove GOP poll challengers at two sites


Police have been called to two polling sites in Las Cruces today to remove Republican Party poll challengers who were being disruptive, Chief Deputy Clerk Mario Jimenez confirmed for NMPolitics.net.

At precinct 25, a poll challenger was picking up poll workers’ materials and “throwing them down on the table” while being disruptive, Jimenez said. And at precinct 69, he said a poll challenger was “yelling in the polling place” and accusing the presiding judge of tampering with an absentee ballot when the judge was simply sealing the ballot according to procedure.

Jimenez said both were asked to stop being disruptive, but did not. He also said the local county GOP was told about the situations and asked to take care of them an hour before police were called.

“Everybody was given a fair warning,” Jimenez said.

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