Pearce leads Teague by 4 in new poll


Steve Pearce, left, and Harry Teague (Photos by Heath Haussamen)

A new, independent poll shows Republican Steve Pearce leading Democrat Harry Teague by 4 points in the 2nd Congressional District race.

The poll had Pearce leading Teague 46 percent to 42 percent, with 10 percent undecided, 1 percent picking another candidate and 1 percent saying they would not vote. It was conducted Sept. 28-30 by Penn Schoen Berland for the D.C. publication The Hill, surveyed 401 likely voters, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.

You can read the polling memo here.

Interestingly, the poll was conducted at the same time that another poll conducted for the Albuquerque Journal found Pearce leading by 1 point. The Journal poll was conducted Sept. 27-30.


The new poll conducted for The Hill found Pearce winning over twice as many Democrats as Teague is Republicans, 16 percent to 8 percent.

“Teague’s problem is his base,” The Hill’s article on its poll states. “Pearce is peeling away 16 percent of Democrats. But Teague is winning independents 43 percent to 41. Only 86 percent of likely Democratic voters are committed to turning out on Election Day, while 97 percent of likely GOP voters said they would be at the polls.”

“The path to victory for Teague could be to tap into undecided voters — 39 percent are Democrats and 21 percent are independents,” the article states. “To do that, he’ll have to overcome a traditional skepticism about one-party control that is causing some undecided voters to say they prefer a divided government.”

The Hill’s poll of the 2nd District was part of a larger survey of 12 hotly contested races across the nation. Read about the larger survey here.

7 thoughts on “Pearce leads Teague by 4 in new poll

  1. Wedum, it’s NOT all about skin color. As a conservative, I would welcome a President Alan Keyes, a President Walter Sowell, even a President Michael Steele. We absolutely cherish the SCOTUS Justice we have in Clarence Thomas and would love to have another 4-5 of him (and his skin color) on the the court. It is the philosophy of this man we question and yes, if there was a way to prove he was an illegitimate presidential candidate and reverse all of his policies and right all of his wrongs, we would be remiss noit to attempt it.

  2. By the way, this is the same newspaper that has the annual “hottie of the hill” poll. Great journalism comes from this paper.

  3. Exactly, Hemingway.

    Not only is Pearce a pathetic panderer to the extremists in the tea-party set, he’s repeating long debunked lies and misinformation to do it. has the details.

    To the people in his party who are conspiracy obsessed, no amount of truth will ever do because they truly WANT to believe the lies. But a US Congressman from a moderate and reality-based state like New Mexico has no business feeding into these people’s paranoia. Does Pearce really believe this bunk? Doubtful. But his complete lack of character means he has no qualms about “working” those ignorant potential voters, obviously. And if he DOES believe this garbage, he’s unfit to hold our NM 2nd Congressional seat.

    Harry Teague needs to use this video to remind the voters in our district of the kind of dishonest sell-out Pearce is and always has been.

  4. It seems so bizarre to claim that our President is not an American citizen, when no one seems to be claiming that his American mother is not his mother. Guess women don’t count with these people.

    Go to and look at the photos. The person Obama most closely resembles, except for skin color, is his maternal grandfather, WWII veteran Sgt. Stanley Dunham.

    But it is all about skin color, isn’t it?

  5. How long do you think Pearce is going to be able to suppress this shameful idiocy:

    At the Sept. 30 event in Los Lunas, New Mexico, a woman stood up and asked Pearce if he would “be agreeable to subpoenaing and making him show a birth certificate.” “Because if he is not eligible, because of everything he signed, every bill he signed, every executive order, his czars, our whole government, everything we’re doing is invalid and unconstitutional and illegal,” she said, adding, “I just want to know what is your position on Barack Obama if he is in fact a Kenyan-born, Indonesian Muslim. What is your position on all of this?”

    In his response, Pearce said that were still “significant questions” surrounding the birther issue:

    PEARCE: You bet. Let’s take it backwards first. My position is that Barack Obama raised the most significant questions himself. He said, after he came to the U.S., that he traveled to Pakistan. Now at the point that he traveled to Pakistan it was not legal to go there with a U.S. passport. And so he, himself, raised the greatest questions. I think that those questions need to be asked.

    Now, then, my question would be to you all at what importance, what importance? You can typically fight two or three major battles in a year, major, and for me, if we don’t get our economy going, nothing else works. … I’m content to let the courts handle that and it’s my understanding the Supreme Court is actually looking at this question because I think it’s an important question. But I absolutely believe that Barack Obama raises the most significant questions himself.

    Q: But if the Senate is involved, you will definitely be there on the front lines —

    PEARCE: Yes, no, I don’t mind being in the fight but I don’t think it should be our consummate fight.

    Q: Oh, no, not the consummate fight, but if it comes up —

    PEARCE: Yes, and I don’t, don’t have a problem expressing my opinions or expressing a vote, either one.

    Cue the theme from “Looney Tunes”…..