Texas developer and wife give Martinez $450K


Susana Martinez

One of the financers of the controversial group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and his wife have given a whopping $450,000 to Republican gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez’s campaign this month.

Bob Perry and his wife Doylene each gave $100,000 to Martinez’s campaign on May 4, according to the finance report Martinez filed on Friday. Perry gave another $100,000 on May 13 and $150,000 on May 25.

“Susana appreciates the support she has received from Bob and Doylene Perry, both of whom have been very supportive in the past of Republicans in New Mexico, including the state party,” Martinez Campaign Manager Adam DeGuire said in a prepared statement.

“In addition, Susana’s record of fighting for New Mexicans and taking on corruption, coupled with her bold vision for the state, has energized donors both large and small and allowed her to set the record straight against false attacks leveled by a candidate who invested more than $1.5 million in his own candidacy,” DeGuire said.

Perry’s support of the GOP in New Mexico – and Hispanic candidates in particular – is nothing new. Perry gave almost $240,000 to the 2002 gubernatorial campaign of Republican John Sanchez. In 2006, he gave a combined $160,000 to several statewide GOP candidates – nearly all of them Hispanic. He also gave $70,000 to the state party in 2006 and $20,000 to a Republican state House candidate from Doña Ana County, Isaac Chavez. And Perry gave $125,000 to the state GOP in June 2008.

Most of the donations came while one of Martinez’s opponents in the gubernatorial race, Allen Weh, was state GOP chairman. Weh is the candidate who has been accused of false attacks and who has spent $1.6 million of his own money on his campaign.

The donations from the Perrys accounted for 60 percent of Martinez’s fundraising in the last three weeks and have allowed her to keep up with Weh’s largely self-financed TV ad blitz.


Perry spokesman Anthony Holm was quoted by The Associated Press as saying Perry gave to Martinez to ensure she has “an opportunity to get her message of integrity out to the people.” He said Perry believes Martinez “is reformer with a strong voice who represents the future of the Republican Party.”

Dems attack

Perry, a Houston homebuilder, is most controversial because of his funding of the Swift Boat group that attacked Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004. The group’s actions led to a new political term – “swiftboating” – which is used to describe an unfair or untrue attack.

The state Democratic Party was quick to pounce when Martinez’s finance report – and contributions from the Perrys – became public on Friday.

“Susana Martinez talks a big game about ethics, but actions speak louder than words,” state Democratic Party Chairman Javier Gonzales said. “By taking $450,000, the largest donation in state history, from the people responsible for the dirtiest campaign ploy in years, Martinez is announcing that ethics reform will no longer be part of her campaign platform.”

Martinez has kept up with Weh’s self-financing by accepting such massive contributions. Earlier in the campaign, she took $117,500 from Mack Energy Corp. of Artesia. Gonzales hit her for that as well.

“Susana Martinez’s campaign strategy is simple: First saddle up to powerful oil companies, then to Sarah Palin, and now to the Swift Boaters,” he said. “Meanwhile, New Mexico families are left completely behind.”

21 thoughts on “Texas developer and wife give Martinez $450K

  1. Here is what is scaring the hell out of Ms. Denish……..Ms. Martinez won the race with significantly less money than what Mr. Weh had spent. Obviously, Ms. Martinez knows how to get more bang for the buck than Mr. Weh!

    Mr. Perry is looking way down stream and it is obviousl that he is supporting Republican Hispanics in order to help spread Conservative Values among the fastest growing minority race in America. The man is brilliant!

  2. Yeah…REAL Astute…I never paid attention while getting my other 19 years of education and four degrees.

  3. I see that Ksparks remains so unimaginative that he must resort to demeaning the candidates in the lower tier of the polls – no substance, no facts, no real creativity other than what he learned in 4th grade. Other than that – great comments!

  4. Stever – the Republicans had control initially, lost it in the early 30s as Roosevelt came into power, and the Ds have maintained control of the legislature since that time.

  5. Don’t you all trip over eachother on your way up to the moral high ground.

    Speaking of campaign finance reform, who’s been in charge of the state legislature since statehood?

  6. Transparency, I’d love the chance to go back in time and experiment with your prediction…

    Give ALL five GOP candidates $2 Million each to conduct their campaigns (without ANY additional funds). I would love to bet an additional $10 million that the results would be about the same:

    Martinez would win- Her message resonates with GOP voters AND they feel she can beat Denish.

    Weh- Same outcome, he would have still attacked Susana and it would have backfired AND her attack would STILL have stuck on the fact that he supported the Bush Amnesty Plan.

    Turner may have gotten a few more votes but, couldn’t compete with the two above.

    Domenici Jr.- Seen a Daddy Wannabe

    Aunt Janice- Too soft spoken and not effective at taking on Denish successfully…message didn’t and wouldn’t resonate with GOP Majority.

  7. Campaign Finance Limits go into effect the day AFTER the November elections!

    Were they in place this year… Denish would be singing a very different tune.

    Were they in place this year… Arnold-Jones wins hands down in the primary and the general.

  8. wedum-

    You’ve said the truth! We seriously need CFR in New Mexico. But the problem is, Denish wouldn’t be able to pack her coffers like she has for the past 8 years. Talk about special interests! Don’t get me started on Ben Lujan Sr.; over a hundred thousand for a state rep candidate? Tell me that doesn’t smell…

    I wish Dems would look at all of the crap their candidates have put this state through before they start to attack.

  9. Wow! $450,000 from a Texas land developer. What in the heck is he going to get in return for that? I thought she was supposed to be the “ethical” candidate.

    Anyone who takes money from the “Swift Boat” LIARS is going to have trouble being seen as ethical. Scary stuff!

  10. jeffnm: That’s not shrieking you hear–it’s us laughing so hard we choked on our drinks…

  11. Watching the Ds shriek in panic is wonderful! The terror must be setting in that not only is Martinez in a strong position to win the primary, but is leading Denish in the Survey USA poll and has now demonstrated an ability to raise money. Ironically, many of the Dem posters on this blog criticized Martinez for “weak” fundraising earlier in the campaign. Now they’re criticizing her for raising too much.

    Perry is very clearly an ideological donor, but that makes him no different than donors to the Democratic Governor’s Association, who just gave Denish $100k during the same period, or Emily’s List, etc., etc.

    What exactly is Perry buying with his contribution? The man doesn’t do business in New Mexico, so what’s there to corrupt?. There can be no pay-to-play when there is nothing to play, so I’m a little confused. Martinez is going to pay Perry back by being a Republican governor and help build the party? Wow. Shocking.

    Since he doesn’t do business here, then I guess the only thing left to whine about is the amount of the contribution. But the bottomline is that Denish and the Democrats could have made the finance limits take effect for this election, but they wanted to grandfather in all of the campaign money Denish had previously raised and had sitting in her account. They’re the ones who made the rules and now it looks like they were too cute by half.

  12. SantatfeObserver – “Money corrupts. Lots of money corrupts absolutely.” Perry money will corrupt Ms. Martinez absolutely. I would love to see a list of all these Mexican cartel members Susana Martinez has prosecuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Enen just ONE.

  13. The attack ads basically write themselves: “Susana Martinez, endorsed by Sarah Palin, financed by Big Oil and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth smear merchant Bob Perry. She says that she’ll work for ordinary New Mexicans, but she’s already made it clear who she’ll really be working for…”

  14. Hemingway –

    Why are those tv commercials so laughable? I’m sure Ms. Martinez will take you to the prisons in Dona Ana County and introduce you to all of the cartel members she is responsible for locking up.

    As far as the fundraising goes, it’s really not a big deal. It’s not the money that corrupts. It’s if the person accepting the money is corruptable. I’d say that Susana Martinez has the highest ethical and moral standards of anybody running and is not at all corruptable. If she were, I’m sure the Mexican cartel members that Hemingway thinks are so laughable would have bought her off long ago.

  15. Allen Weh also tried to raise the big oil money. Allen came here to Midland around April 15 for a fundraiser. That fundraiser was hosted by Don Evans. Don served as Commerce Secretary under George W. Bush. I do not think Allen would have minded raising a similar amount of money from those attending that event.

  16. Give me a break! Where do I start with some of these paranoid, knee-jerk comments? Only gm and jivaroo are rational.

    Now why would a wealthy Texan be interested in “buying” our race or our candidate? His track record shows just what gm mentions — he apparently wants to give conservative Hispanics a chance to make the same kind of noise as their always-better-financed Dem opponents.

    Like it or not, any race near the top of the ballot is going to require massive amounts of cash just to stay in the race at all. To win requires obscene amounts of moolah.

    Finally, having watched Susana Martinez in courtroom after courtroom for more than a decade, I think Allen Weh is afraid of her and rightly so — she is tough, the kind of fighter most opponents (male candidates, e.g.) aren’t accustomed to at all.

    You go, girl!

  17. Don’t expect reform from Susana Martinez.- Nothing like a wheel barrel of cash from an unethical Texan developer, Bob Perry. Now we will get more laughable TV ads with her fighting the Mexican cartels.

  18. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe I agree with Wedum, but she is absolutely right. This is about a millionaire and a Texan trying to buy a race. When do campaign finance limits go in to effect?

  19. The Progressives are hurting and they are crying about whatever comes up to benefit a candidate on the conservative side. They hate to get hit with their own game plans. The polls will be the deciding factor.

  20. If you want to do business with the State of New Mexico, you contribute to the Democrat candidate. The odds are always going to favor the Dems and everyone knows it. Richardson had a shoo-in the second term and he raised over $10M. Why? The odds certainly favor Ms Denish so how does she manage to raise $3M? without even a primary race? Perry does not do business with NM and if he ever does, the screaming will damage our ears. Gonzales and the Dems have no room whatsoever to raise eyebrows about fundraising.

  21. “Saddle up to?” Where did that metaphor come from?

    We sure need campaign finance reform in New Mexico. We have Weh trying to buy the race, Texans trying to buy our candidates, good grief.