Salazar’s resignation letter is now available online


Secretary of State Mary Herrera

The public now has access to former state Elections Director A.J. Salazar’s resignation letter.

You can read it by clicking here.

The Secretary of State’s Office has still not released it. The copy that’s available online came from the Rio Grande Sun, and was published along with Wednesday’s in-depth article about the corruption allegations Salazar is making against Secretary of State Mary Herrera and Deputy Secretary of State Don Francisco Trujillo.

The letter wasn’t linked to from that Sun article when the article was first published Wednesday, which is why I didn’t include it in my posting about that article. The link to the letter is now included in the Sun’s article.

4 thoughts on “Salazar’s resignation letter is now available online

  1. Very true and well said Astute. La Politicia’s corruption stained fingerprints are all over the “process” for choosing Dem candidates, as it always has been. Until that stops and Dems start thinking for themselves, we will continue with the kind of government we have today from Dems. It is sad because there are numerous honest, competent candidates for the Dems. I am hopng Di is one of the new breed of Dems who will clean the state and party, but I am not sure.

  2. Dr J – it’s about time “… some brave people in the press” showed up – Heath included (glad he is here). That said – now that the filing deadline has passed, no one else can get in unless … here is a good idea …after the primary, Herrera announces that she has decided to not run for personal reasons and the Party can appoint a good candidate, like Valerie Espinosa, the county clerk in Santa Fe …. now THAT would provide a the citizens of the State a terrific choice – Espinosa is smart, experienced, and capable (and was bullied out of running), and Duran is as well … plus she has her background in the state senate. Elections are supposed to be about choice – it’d be nice to have to actually ponder who the best candidate instead of having to choose between Duran and a despot – like, duh? Otherwise, at this point, I’m still looking forward to voting for Dianna Duran in November.

  3. This whole incident shows the unprofessional, amateurish, and incompetent nature of New Mexico government. Without some brave people in the press, we would not have a light shined on this dark cubby. I look forward to getting my copy of the Sun today. If only the supposed “government watchdogs” were awake and paying attention. When will NM change to a modern, responsible, and professional state? When will the people get enough of this? You get the government you elect, you deserve no better.

  4. Nice to know that YET AGAIN, a key NM State governmental agency is being run like a daytime television soap opera. After following this and other stories, I am beginning to wonder how New Mexico manages to function at as high a level as it does.

    It’s just amazing what people will do once they get in office in this state, although I guess we can’t really be surprised, given it’s total lack of ethics oversight. And even more amazing that they would communicate their incompetence and lack of professionalism by email. I’d at least want people to get the impression that I was TRYING to be a good public servant. How hard is it to have a meeting for campaign work across the street from your office, anyway?

    Heck-uv-a job, Herrera.