Obama activist group says Teague decision on health care bill coming Thursday


Harry Teague

U.S. Rep. Harry Teague, D-N.M., will announce Thursday morning whether he plans to vote for or against the pending health-care reform bill, President Barack Obama’s group Organizing for America is claiming.

The group’s New Mexico director, Ray Sandoval, wrote in an e-mail to supporters that the group has “credible information” that Teague will make the announcement Thursday morning. House leaders hope to vote on the legislation this weekend.

Teague spokeswoman Sara Schreiber could not immediately be reached for comment on Sandoval’s e-mail.

Teague has been under immense pressure from the left and right as the vote on the health-care reform bill looms.

Schreiber most recently said in an article published Tuesday that Teague, who voted against the House health-care bill last year, had not decided how he’ll vote on the Senate version of the bill – which is what’s currently awaiting House action. Schreiber did say Teague still had “serious concerns” about the legislation.

Earlier today, dozens of Organizing for America volunteers and supporters lobbied for the bill outside Teague’s office in Las Cruces. Members of the Las Cruces TEA Party were also in attendance to protest the legislation.


  1. Dr. J says:

    The bill has now been scored, $940 billion over ten years and of course (through the magic of “estimates” which are bogus GIGO, and “promises” to cut various things that will not be cut at all) it magically reduces the deficit by $130 billion over ten years. Amazing. Who would have imagined that???

  2. sugar says:

    Harry Teague has always said that the bill must bring cost down. Once the CBO scores the bill Harry will let us know what his vote will be.

  3. Dr. J says:

    True Dr. Swickard. The two Congressmen in California’s central valley switched to yes because Salazar yesterday opened up the water rights for farmers the Obama administration had been withholding for many months to protect some silly fish. That whole thing was obviously staged to force these Congressmen into voting for ObamaCare. Is Harry angling for a payoff for his vote? Maybe an ambassadorship or high level appointee job in DOI or DOE when he gets defeated in November for voting for ObamaCare.

  4. jivaro99 says:

    To pass a bill like the Obama Health Care bill is insane. In talking to doctors the secret would be to cap the amount of money that could be awarded in this state and all others. This would make malpractice insurance lower and thereby lower medical costs. Revising the judicial system in the U S is the sane way. Having talked to doctors here, and in Texas (where the law was just passed capping award many doctors have changed their practices to Texas for this reason alone.
    If the Health bill passes many doctors will close their practices, out of necessity and the people will have less medical care.

  5. qofdisks says:

    “If he was acting on principle, he would have already announced his principles months ago and would be on one side or the other like most other members of Congress.”
    He did announce his principles month ago when he voted against the bill the first time. He said that the bill does not truly make health care affordable or cut costs. He basically agreed with Kucinich at the time that the HCR was eviscerated.

  6. GEN says:

    I was at the rally and there was maybe 10 people that were for the healthcare bill. Probably 40 against. Those supporting the bill for the most part were polite but a few called names and one actually did the finger sign like a 2nd grader. They may win this fight, and make no mistake it is a fight. But they have no idea what they are in for. The debt they will leave our children will be so large China may well own them for years. Doctors will not be available so why the fat fees to the tax man. Lots of things wrong with this process.

  7. There is no way Harry Teague does not know how he really feels about changing healthcare.

    Why is he on the fence? “What am I bid.”

    If he is a “yes” vote, did New Mexico get equal spoils to the other states who sold their votes?

    If it is a “no” vote, what did he want that he did not get?

    If he was acting on principle, he would have already announced his principles months ago and would be on one side or the other like most other members of Congress.