Arnold-Jones wins Quay County straw poll


Janice Arnold-Jones

Republican gubernatorial candidate Janice Arnold-Jones easily won a straw poll taken at Tuesday’s monthly meeting of the Quay County Republican Party.

Arnold-Jones had 30 votes – or 71 percent – to six votes for Susana Martinez, four each for Pete Domenici Jr. and Doug Turner and two for Allen Weh, according to a news release from the Arnold-Jones campaign. The poll was taken, the release states, “for membership to recommend to their state pre-primary delegates their choice for governor.”

“As I travel the state with our message that is based on conservative values and principles, the response from voters is incredibly positive,” Arnold-Jones said in the release. “I am humbled and gratified by this strong showing of confidence and support by Quay County Republicans.”

Straw polls aren’t scientific but can be a test of organizational strength.

Last month, Martinez won a straw poll following a candidate forum in Clovis. Another straw poll was taken after a candidate forum in Albuquerque, but the results have not been released.

5 thoughts on “Arnold-Jones wins Quay County straw poll

  1. I agree that the women in the Republican field– both Martinez and Arnold-Jones– are far better at presenting themselves at candidate forums than the men. However, both of them have had experience on the political circuit, and both of them have won elections before.

    Unfortunately, the money does count. I recall the DPNM pre-primary convention in 2006, when Gino Zamora won, Lem Martinez was second, and Gary King came in third. King put a lot of his own money into the campaign and won the nomination in June.

    See my comments under the Sanchez article. I think that we need to return to a campaign climate where qualifications count more than money.

    “Well, FIRSTLY, sir, just how much free speech can you AFFORD?” –Ben Sergeant, 1-27-10

  2. For all the knocks against her, she has no money, she can’t win, all the stuff people say Janice Arnold-Jones keeps plugging away. I hear she did surprisingly well at the Bernalillo convention and rumor has it other counties have held straw polls where she has won too, she’s been on radio for over a month and seems to be getting around the state now that she’s not in session. It looks like the momentum is with her and she is establishing herself as the one Republican who can beat Diane Denish. She turned me into a believer.

  3. I think Janice stands head and shoulders above the others in this race, and it looks like things are turning her way in these last days before the pre-primary convention.

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, they are coming out of the fourth turn and headed to the delegates finish line… its Weh, now Martinez, Weh, Martinez… what, what’s this… it’s Arnold-Jones breaking out of the pack. Weh and Martinez are biting each other’s backs and now it’s Arnold-Jones gaining…. gaining…Arnold-Jones overtakes Martinez… and Weh…. Weh… Weh is FADING! NO WEH!

    Ladies and Gentlemen… Arnold-Jones just upset the field. Arnold-Jones Wins!

    In spite the vitriolic Joe Monahan’s constant putting down of Janice Arnold-Jones he and many others will be in a for a big surprise this weekend. This straw poll is just the tip of the iceberg… People want and need a candidate who is respectful and absent political rancor including negative campaigning. That is a big reason why Weh and Martinez are not the best candidates at this moment in time and Arnold-Jones is. The voter is crying out for less of the same old and more of the new and that is Arnold-Jones. Let no one assume that because she is a she and because she moderates her behavior that she is not a fiscal and social conservative or that she is somehow lacking in executive command and control to be the best governor this state has seen in many generations. She IS the package we’ve all been looking for. My vote is with Janice Arnold-Jones! Go Janice!

  5. Straw polls are what they are – as Keith points out, an indication of organizational strength. In this case – a straw poll intended to provide direction to the county delegates. Regardless of what the gossip pundits say, the R race is between the women and they stand the best chance of beating Denish – and that is looking better and better.