Martinez to release finance report this week

Susana Martinez

Susana Martinez

Gubernatorial candidate joins Diane Denish, Janice Arnold-Jones in going beyond what the law requires

Republican gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez says she’ll voluntarily release a campaign finance report later this week, though the law doesn’t require her to release another one until April 12.

Martinez will release a year-end report of contributions and expenditures for 2009, campaign spokesman Adam Deguire said.

“Susana Martinez believes in transparency and open government,” Deguire said. “She is concerned that the current campaign reporting schedule, with its long gaps between reports, does not provide the type of transparency the public deserves.”

Deguire said the report will be available on Martinez’s campaign Web site.

Martinez joins two other gubernatorial candidates – Democrat Diane Denish and Republican Janice Arnold-Jones – in going beyond what’s required in terms of disclosure of campaign finances.

Denish has been voluntarily releasing campaign finance reports – lists of contributions and expenditures – quarterly, though in off-election years it’s only required twice. She says she will voluntarily release another report in the next couple of weeks for the fourth quarter of 2009.

And Arnold-Jones recently posted on her campaign Web site information about every campaign contribution she’s received to date. She plans to keep the list of contributions current, adding new contributions to the Web site each time one is received.

Arnold-Jones has not put a list of campaign expenditures online.

Last week, Denish accused the GOP candidates of operating “in the dark” for not agreeing to match her in releasing finance reports quarterly. That came before Arnold-Jones unveiled her online list of contributions – a move Denish later praised — and before Martinez made her announcement.

The other gubernatorial candidates – Republicans Doug Turner and Allen Weh – have not answered my question about whether they will release a fundraising report this month.

Update, 10:15 a.m.

The Denish campaign released this statement:

“It’s good to see some of the Republican candidates for governor are starting to follow Lt. Gov. Diane Denish’s long-standing example of increased transparency in campaign reporting,” Denish campaign spokesman Chris Cervini said.

4 thoughts on “Martinez to release finance report this week

  1. Speaking of transparency – I read with interest the Denish blurb this morning about visiting small businesses around the State. I’m glad she is doing it – my friends that attended said that she was sounding and looking Republican (not unlike Bill in his campaigns), but that it rang hollow. I don’t know … just what they’ve said. My question – who’s nickle is paying for the trip? Is she on the Lt Gov clock when she campaigns or does she take a leave of absence or vacation? If vacation – how much has she used and how much does she have left?

  2. I just LOVE the spin Denish’s staff has put on this whole campaign “transparency” issue. With the pay-to-play issues currently facing her administration, you can’t help but wonder if it could come back to bite her.

    But if it is anything like her misuse of federal funds last year, maybe she is hoping for the lack of reprimand she received for that particular venture.

  3. OK, somebody has to say it; if Susana Martinez “… is concerned that the current campaign reporting schedule, with its long gaps between reports, does not provide the type of transparency the public deserves.”

    why is she just now coming out of the closet?

  4. As the character of John McClain said in the movie ‘Die Hard’ …. “welcome to the party, Pal” … better late than never. Good on her.