Teague wins Democratic 2nd District primary


Harry Teague has won the Democratic 2nd Congressional District primary and will face Republican Ed Tinsley in the general election in November.

Bill McCamley confirmed that he called shortly after midnight and conceded the race to Teague. He had no other comment.

Officially, the newest Associated Press tally has Teague winning by 1,641 votes with several Doña Ana County precincts among those yet to be tallied. But those results do not include final numbers from Cibola County that increased Teague’s lead and apparently made the McCamley campaign believe Teague had an insurmountable lead.

The Teague campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Update, 1:20 a.m.

A news release from the Teague campaign pointed out that he had strong wins in eastern counties and said his “decisive victories in rural communities put him in a strong position to attract independent and Republican voters and to win in November.”

“Now it’s time for us to unite and move toward victory in November,” Teague said. “We have an historic opportunity to change the direction things are moving in southern New Mexico, and if we come together, we can be the engine of change. Let’s work together to make that happen and provide affordable health care for everyone, improve our schools for our children and bring our brave men and women home from Iraq as soon as possible.”

As I’ve disclosed in the past, I’m friends with McCamley. Click here to read more about that.

6 thoughts on “Teague wins Democratic 2nd District primary

  1. I would be happier as a Republican facing the deep pockets of Teague than the mouth of McCamley.

    We have mountains of cash, too. Tinsley will be better in a fight than Teague, and should continue the long proud tradition of southern Republican representation. Frankly, I expect the Republican candidate to win in district 2, regardless of candidate, but this is simply a marvelous mismatch: A lauded Republican businessman/lawyer vying against a Democratic oil tycoon/debate shirker. You can’t make this stuff up!

    Tinsley should be able to roll Teague up and smoke him like a fine cigar. Mmmm… Smooth and relaxing.

  2. McCamley ran a negative campaign and it only worked in Dona Ana. He lost in 15 of 18 counties. Sour grapes to the McCamley people who think they know how to win the primary and general. Did they mail the same hit piece to Lea county voters as they did to Dona Ana? For a Democrat to win this seat they must bring in voters from the other party. McCamley can not do that. He can blame his message to the rest of the CD2 for his loss.

  3. Having called for Democrats to work together in the wake of his victory, Teague has graciously congratulated Bill and credited him with running a solid campaign all the way to the surprising finish.

    Just kidding! Teague actually made a weirdly petulant comment that his victory over McCamley was “a little closer than expected”, and (rather than credit McCamley, his staff, and the thousands of people who voted for him for running a tireless, lengthy, brave campaign) threw another kick at the defeated McCamley, citing negative campaigning as the reason for the close election.

    If this is unity, I’d hate to see disunity. Unless he means unity with the GOP, that is.

    Classy, classy!

  4. As soon as Teague has to actually publicly speak and stand on his own without voice dubbed sound bites it is over for the Dems.McCamley would have been a far more articulate candidate and worthy opponent in Nov..Harry is a good old boy with deep pockets but money can not buy him eloquence or the ability to personally express himself in a coherent fashion.It can buy him TV time where someone else does the talking for him.As soon as he has to speak,stick a fork in him.Did Harry actually speak in any of his numerous TV spots to date?

  5. It’s time to get to the important work of losing to Ed Tinsley in November!