Heath Haussamen on N.M. Politics begins its third year


Tomorrow marks the start of Heath Haussamen on New Mexico Politics’ third year.

This site had 88 unique visitors and 157 page views on its first day, March 20, 2006. Last month, the site had approximately 32,000 unique visitors and 65,000 page views.

That wasn’t a typical month, as exposure on a couple of national sites increased traffic significantly, but this site is regularly drawing 800-1,000 unique visitors and 1,500-2,000 page views each weekday.

As this site begins its third year, I want to thank you – the readers, advertisers, financial contributors and others – for making it possible. I continue to be humbled by the support you have shown for my work. We’re in the midst of a historic and fascinating political year in New Mexico, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the discussion about what’s ahead.

– Heath Haussamen

6 thoughts on “Heath Haussamen on N.M. Politics begins its third year

  1. Congrats on three years and continued success. Though we may not agree on everything, I’ll still say congratulations to you from New Mexico FBIHOP.

  2. Thank you Sir for maintaining one of the best sites on the net, I find myself looking here first for important New Mexico related political information. I believe this site to be very accurate, fair and serves the public well. I have directed people to this site without hesitation. Great job and congratulations on beginning your third year!

    Jay Armijo
    Executive Director
    South Central Council of Governments