Three counties to hold joint meeting on spaceport


The Doña Ana, Otero and Sierra county commissions will hold a joint session in Las Cruces later this month to discuss support for Spaceport America.

The meeting will be held Jan. 15 at 10 a.m. in the commission chambers at the Doña Ana County Government Center in Las Cruces.

New Mexico Economic Development Secretary Rick Homans will give a presentation on the project to members of the commissions at the meeting. Officials from the X Prize will also be on hand to answer questions.

The meeting is designed to be a forum where views on the controversial project can be openly expressed. The three commissions involved will all be deciding in the coming months whether to hold elections on the possibility of increasing the gross receipts tax to help fund the spaceport.

Doña Ana County Commissioner Bill McCamley, a strong supporter of the project, said because the spaceport is such a new concept, it’s important to discuss it publicly.

“Some questions we’re going to be able to answer and some questions we’re not going to be able to answer, but it’s important that everyone knows exactly where we are,” he said.

McCamley also said the forum will be an opportunity for the three counties to gauge the others’ commitment to the project.

“This has to be a regional effort to succeed,” he said.

The meeting was thought up by incoming Doña Ana County Commission Chairwoman Karen Perez, who has reservations about the spaceport project and wanted a discussion to try to foster communication before the counties approve tax increase elections.

“I won’t get in the way of voters, but I think all three counties need to get together and discuss whether this is a crapshoot they want to take,” Perez told me last month.

10 thoughts on “Three counties to hold joint meeting on spaceport

  1. Let the co-chair of the new space advocacy group, a former ambassador to South Africa and noted minority rep on many corporate boards deal with the timing of a single meeting. More important is exposure of the financial backing of this group and its campaign to tax fellow residents. If the public discovers the cozy working relationship between the realty industry and the ranchers who have already received a bribe in the form of new subsidies of a spaceport which doesn’t exist, this boondoggle will fall on its face!!

  2. Lighten Up Folks! If the public doesn’t want to attend this tri-county meeting, do not attend. If you want to attend, then attend. No gimmick going on here in my view. MKL was a great American. A meeting held in Dona Ana County does not change this. Again, lighten up. Life is too short people!

  3. If McCamley is the spokeperson for Space Operations in New Mexico – well we know what we will get.

  4. How dare McCamley spin his error and speak for MLK and how this would be what he(MLK)wants for children.Perhaps if Mc had to raise children and provide for them himself he would understand things like teaching respect through example and the impact of corporate welfare taxes on disposable income.

  5. As an American- this meeting should not take place in honor of MLK. It can be done at any other time. Or is it another last minute gimick

  6. As a member of the NAACP- this does not wash well. How dare you cheapen the special day of this great american.

  7. Hello.

    I just want to say that I will take responsibility on this one. We tried very hard to try and get a day where the county officials form all three counties oculd meet, but this was the only one. Otero has things going on this week, Sierra has things going on next week, and the legislative session starts on the 16th.

    In honor of the day, before the meeting, we are going to have a special invocation honoring Dr. King. Furthermore, he was all about bringing people together to make good policy for our children, and that is what this meeting is about.

    Bill McCamley

  8. The City, County, and State offices should all be closed on Monday, January 15th in honor of one of this nation’s greatest leaders and seekers of peace, the honorable Martin Luther King.

  9. You right it is MLK day- The tax will never help the folks MLK worked so hard to help in his lifetime.

  10. Would this be considered culturally insensitive in that the meeting is scheduled for Martin Luther King Day,a federally recognized holiday honoring black heritage?