Magistrate Judge Susana Chaparro (resigned)


Chaparro resigned in March and agreed weeks later to never again seek judicial office as part of a stipulated agreement with the commission. In exchange, the commission dropped seven outstanding cases against Chaparro, including a probe into her alleged harassment of a magistrate court interpreter who employed her sister, but took her sister off drunken-driving cases while she dealt with her own drunken-driving case.

Chaparro had been disciplined in 2002 for improperly issuing an arrest warrant for a court interpreter who ignored an order she gave – an interpreter who beat Chaparro’s sister for the interpreter contract. Chaparro was also hit with a two-week suspension in 2005 for improperly involving herself in her son’s traffic case.

Key articles:
• June 2: Richardson appoints magistrate
• March 22: Judge Chaparro quits

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