District Judge Larry Ramirez (resigned)


Ramirez resigned from the bench in June during a Judicial Standards Commission investigation into allegations that he engaged in an ongoing pattern of sexual harassment and making inappropriate comments in the courtroom.

Though he resigned, the commission is proceeding with its case. Because the state Supreme Court has sealed the file, details are secret, but it’s likely the commission is asking the court to fine Ramirez or bar him from ever again holding judicial office.

Ramirez had been placed on judicial probation by the high court in November after admitting to improperly involving himself in is son’s alcohol-citation case and inappropriately refusing to let a defense attorney make an objection for the record.

In addition, an investigation by the Administrative Office of the Courts found in 2004 that Ramirez engaged in sexual harassment and forced him to undergo counseling and training. Months later, a second investigation found that Ramirez had engaged in improper conduct in the courtroom, and he was reassigned away from the juvenile drug court.

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